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Larry's coming to Town ..................Yee haa !
7.00pm  -   5th September  -  2012.  
The Old Library, 7 Rust Avenue, Whangarei.       
LINK to Invitation

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Council changes threaten private property rights!
Kaitaia 29th August & Kerikeri 4th September 7.30pm
- Cafler Suite, Forum North, Whangarei
Tuesday 24th July, 7.30pm
Link to Advertisement  for more details.
See Ya there.......

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Links to our Statements below :-
Link to - Whangarei District Council Long Term Plan Northland 2012.
Link to - Our 'Oral Statements' made to above WDC Long Term Plan.
Link to - Northland Regional Council Long Term Plan 2012.
Link to - Our 'Oral Statements' made to above NRC Long Term Plan.

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While our Whangarei District Council is hard out spending money on some projects deemed unnecessary they fail to hear words from Deputy Prime Minister Bill English.   
Link to Newstalk ZB Wednesday 11th April 2012

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WHANGAREI / State Highway 1 - Intersection Improvements.
Link to Feedback Form - Have you say now!

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Resource Consent application to discharge sewage into the Hatea River at Whareora Road. Have your say now! 
Link to Submission Forms. Closes 30th September 2011.
Link to a copy of our 'Statement'

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Check out the Mayor's Christmas Greetings Email 
now available on 'The Mole' page.
Have a read and ask the question "Why did he take on the job?"
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Save the Northland to Auckland rail line!
Link to Fact Sheet - Save the Northland Rail Line

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How much did the Report on Local Government Options in Northland cost us (the ratepayers)?  
If I said it was $271,358-00 you possibly wouldnt believe me. 
Click for the real answer.

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Trapski/Brash Report finally released.
CLICK for the much debated 'Report on Local Government Options in Northland' is now available. Was it a waste of money from the beginning? You tell us. 
The last paragraph of the Press release tells all !
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RE-APPOINTED FOR 4 YEARS. (17/02/2011) 
Read my SYNOPSIS of the situation.
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There is a "secret meeting" being held tomorrow 27th January 2011 at 2.30pm in the old Hubands building at the Town Basin to discuss the Town Basin.
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WANTED - Chief Executive Officer. 
Whangarei District Council.
Click to view Advertisement.  Northern Advocate 18th December 2010.
The contract comes up early next year. If a change is necessary, let's hope a new appointment is considered carefully and not just given to one of the names being bandied around at present. If a change is deemed necessary, ensure it is better and not just for sake of change.            
Lack of experience comes at a price!
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Please look at the photo at link below. 
If you love our streams, waterways and harbour it is now time to put pen to paper or tap the keyboard to make yet another submission against the Resource Consent Application to the ‘discharge of primary treated wastewater’ from the Whangarei District Council Wastewater Treatment Plant into Limeburners Creek. It appears they (WDC) wish to just shift the problem from the Okara pump station overflows that have been occurring on many occasions over many years. The application is for ‘up to a maximum of 140,000 cubic metres per day.’ That sounds like a lot of shit to me and also the many I have spoken to in regards to this matter. We understand “primary treatment” is to pass the waste through a 70mm mesh. I don’t think that is going to hold back much of what we all put into our sewerage system. A few sanitary items perhaps, but not even items of pleasure will be contained. Let’s all yell for Zero discharge of sewage discharges (unless 100% fully treated) into our precious waterways. 

Submission forms are available from Northland Regional Council at 36 Water Street Whangarei or phone 4384639 (I am sure they will send one out)


We eagerly await a suitable "Caption" for it.
Email it to me now. 
Captions received :-
1/  "Psst, Phil, Can you put this coffee on YOUR credit card. They wouldn't let me have one!"
2/  Whangarei Mayor Morris Cutforth asks the Minister of Fisheries Phil Heatley "where he can catch the biggest fish".
3/  MP Hon Phil Heatley ponders about his commitment to monthly meetings. 
4/ "Gee, Phil, Now Pansy Wong has got in on the act. Who taught you all how to do it?"
5/ "If I'm not strong, they might think I'm a PANSY, I just can't afford to get it WONG, can I?" 

A truly sad day for Whangarei.  One of Whangarei's elderly gentleman has passed away. Franze Iseke passed away on 11th July 2010. A service will be held Friday July 16th at Newberrys Funeral Home, Apirana Avenue, Regent. Franz was never frightened to stand up and be heard, he had a bright mind and enthusiastically monitored council operations with the community interests at heart.  He will sincerely be missed by many.
Our verbal statement on Unitary Authorities in Northland presented on 1st July 2010 to Sir Peter Trapski & Dr Don Brash.
Public Consultation on Local Government Options for Northland. The Submission Statement process closes 31st May 2010.
An example of a statement sent in already. (a well worth read) 
A statement sent in by Warren & Pat Slater
A thought provoking political joke
A little poem for Anzac Day

A Warning  from the media - Is heifer-dust about to fly from the incumbent?......Surely not!...... What do the media know?
Anti-Bullying Day is to be held on April 28th and people around the world are being encouraged to wear a pink shirt to show they are committed to standing up to bullies. 
Show you care and are prepared to stand up to these Monsters.
Interesting article released 15th April by NZPA

Was this meeting about to slip through 'under the radar'? ... or was this the intention?
An extra-ordinary meeting of Whangarei District Council for Monday 22nd March 2010 at 10.30am only appeared on the website late Friday 19th. Check the agenda and pay special attention to Item 2. Property Policy. Section 7. Property Governance.  
check the Ammendment to the 2009-2019 Long Term Council Community Plan 'Statement of Proposal'.
Is it ethically correct to have only 3 elected officials and the CEO, (who is not an elected representative) to control the sale and purchase of ratepayer assets and; could there possibly be any potential 'Conflicts of Interest' ????

Whangarei District Council plans to dump more Poo into Whangarei harbour
We encourage people to make their statements in regards to the WDC Resource Consent application. You may wish to use some of our statement and write in your own details and clauses as you see fit. You may wish to use our statement in its entirety;  if so feel free.
If you requ
ire any assistance with this process please contact either Warren or Pat and we can hopefully assist you.


Act now. Don’t rely on somebody else to do it!
Sewage Treatment explained by Wikepedia
Primary Treated Wastewater explained by Wikepedia
Waste Water explained by Whangarei District Council
Submissions must be in by Thursday 4th February 2010  and a copy must also be served by you on the applicant (WDC) as soon as reasonably practicable.

Submission form

Download the pdf submission form, complete your feedback and post or fax it back to us.

 Download a pdf version of the submission form (62KB)

Electronic submission

If you wish to make an electronic submission, please download the Word submission form and save it to your computer. Complete the form and email a copy to us.

Note to Submitter: If you make an electronic submission, you still must serve a copy of your submission on the applicant as soon as reasonably practicable after you have served your submission on the Council.

Download a word version of the submission form (131KB)
click for   A  message  for  2010
Video here now
A video regarding the application to and responses from the Whangarei District Council in regards to our request to visit the Dog Pound to see what improvements are being made. We are trying to keep things positive but you will see how hard it is getting to make some progress on this issue in relation to animal welfare and councils responses to us. 
Who are the negative ones? You decide!
Full extract of details for video on You Tube
(Sorry about Pat rocking in the video, we must get stabalizers fitted to our superyacht - ha ha)
Some Good News !!!!
On Wednesday 9th December 2009 Northland Regional Council chairman, Mr Mark Farnsworth made a presentation to 'The Slaters'. Yes, to Pat and Warren Slater for being the most 'attentive' whilst attending NRC meetings. 
For this Mark, we sincerely thank you, your councillors and staff for being most polite and hospitable during our visits. On all accounts we believe our comments are received in the same vein, as they are made, that  being constructive.  We salute you and your team for being proud whilst going about your business in a glasshouse.

Will Okara Park be ready for the Super 14 next year ? 
Hear Newstalk ZB 1st Oct 2009 for the
Another  Concern
Have your say on whether the land at Okara Park (known as the Old Boys rugby ground) should be sold for a shopping complex.  This land belongs to our community. After consultation, if it is to be sold, should it be sold on the open market and offered to anyone or only to a select few?  Maybe it is already a
Done Deal going by this article that is regularly appearing in 'Property Plus'.  Have your say now !!!!!
Submissions must be received by 24 July 2009
See the
Discussion document
Download printable submission form
Online Submission Now 
Submission made re 'Proposed Park Disposal'  -Tuesday 21 July 2009 - (by Warren & Patricia Slater)
Refer to my letters on this subject on Letters page.
Public Meeting - Community Needs... 
Click for Information
Initiated by Integrity Action - Whangarei
Council Long Term Plans
                   After attending both the Northland Regional Council for 2 days and Whangarei District Council for 4 days Warren and Patricia Slater now have summaries of the verbal summissions made to both organisations - Click on either plan below to view;
Northland Regional Council, Northland Community Plan   See Northland Regional Council's reply to Submission and 
Whangarei District Council, Long Term Council Community Plan 
and comments on the processes and atmosphere at both venues.
SUBMISSIONS MADE :-                                     
Northland Regional Council - Submission to NRC  2009 – 2019  Northland Community Plan - Thursday 7 May 2009 - (by Warren & Patricia Slater)
See Northland Regional Council's reply to Submission
Top Marks to NRC for their personalised approach to their clients.

Whangarei District Council - Submission to WDC  2009 – 
2019  Long Term Council Community Plan - Thursday 7 May 2009 - 
(by Warren &
Patricia Slater)

Whangarei District Council  - Long Term Council Community Plan 2009-2019. (LTCCP) 

Option 5 ~ from
Save our Harbour’ website
I ask, why has the Whangarei District Council in their eight page ‘Summary’ of the Long Term Council Community Plan, to be posted to ratepayers, offered the people a four option choice  regarding the sewage problem with the questions stacked to produce the answer THEY want?

 Only option 1 has a brief explanation on the proposed project. Options 2, 3 and 4 only portray a SOLUTION at x amount of dollars with an extra cost to ratepayers over the next 15 years minimum. 
The rubbish Disposal option has no Added Costs attached.

There should be an Option 5.

It should perhaps read 

Option 5.      I / we prefer Council to spend the necessary costs to upgrade the sewerage network to a standard that prevents any discharges to our harbour and waterways of raw untreated sewage moving Whangarei into the reality of today to prevent unnecessary pollution enhancing the environment for our future generations, the well being of our people whilst also encouraging tourists to our town. There will be no added targeted cost to ratepayers as Whangarei District Council have received rates for basic infrastructure in the past and failed to spend sufficiently in the required areas, hence we now have this situation. Maybe it would be much wiser to shift the budgeted amount of $33.731 million for ‘a new harbour crossing link to Pohe Island to improve traffic flows in the Whangarei CBD’, briefly mentioned in the LTCCP summary, spending it on the sewage issues to benefit the whole community rather than the new link which appears to be been designed benefiting just a few.

Note: The harbour crossing project has not given any cost options to the citizens. Why?
I encourage people to submit to the LTCCP and write in your own clause if you see fit. You may wish to use Option 5, if so feel free.

If you require any assistance with the submission process please contact either Warren, or one of the Save our Harbour our members.

           "No comment" is a comment