About Warren Slater


Warren Slater was born in Auckland during the 'nifty fifties' - married Patricia in 1971 and we are still strong together in 2016!  My wife is very supportive and politically motivated as well! We have a married daughter (of whom we are very proud), great son-in-law and a wonderful ten year old grandson. 


Patricia (Pat) was born a couple of years after me. (cannot expose real age!) Pat is the research arm of the team and resident facebook assistant. She is always there; prepared to stand up and be counted - and I must say, still a pleasure to work alongside. She is the one who pulls the reigns tight as I am one to say it as it is and Pat is one who likes it to be said a little softer.
Pat had a health scare in 2014 & 2015 after being diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. She had intense chemotherapy and rounds of radiotherapy and now Pat claims "She's not going to let me off the hook that easy".
I am most pleased with that, as she is one special lady.
Pat adores and is committed to our daughter, son-in-law and grandson, as well as our community.


Aaron, Hayden and Michelle, who live in Wellsford, are our little family package. Our son-in-law,  Aaron has his own business; daughter Michelle has trained in Whangarei to be a teacher and now enjoying that, teaching close to her home. She was previously in the printing industry in Warkworth and Hayden is just growing up - too quick I might add!


Mum, (Mary - the one on the far right)  lived with us since 2004. Pat willingly took on the challenge taking great care of her which ensured Mum maintained good health in her latter years. Mum was pleased to be able to come to one of the campaign meetings I spoke at in 2007 and 2010.  Sadly Mum passed away after a brief illness in February 2014. We miss her as it had been a way of life with her in our ever presence.


My grandfather was one of the most special people in my life. I was fortunate to live with my grandparents, for about 18 months, in my teens. Harry Crozier was born 3rd October 1889 and passed away on 6th February 1972, aged 82. He fought for our country and was wounded at Gallipoli and suffered silently for many years.(see video tribute on You Tube - courtesy of Whaleoil, my nephew) 


For therapy (Harry Crozier) my grandfather, was taught, by another war veteran becoming involved in the fine art of carving, specialising in maori pieces. We are so privileged to have some of his works that we sincerely treasure, since his passing.


Grace Elizabeth Crozier, my lovely grandmother, was born 25th May 1897 and passed away 7th July 1981, at the good age of 84. I know why my grandfather was always smiling - as Nana, boy could she cook! She made scones, cakes, pancakes and shortbread - absolute yummy! We still have those cherished recipes and when we make any one of her prize recipes, we fondly think of her. A grand lady who loved her family, through thick and thin.


Wedding Times -

January 1971 was the time to unite with my wife to be Patricia

The days of a bow tie and side-burns are well gone. Its getting harder to grow hair nowdays.




Warren Slater is a family and people orientated person, a team player who appreciates a keen sense of humour while having a positive, realistic approach (can fix what you acknowledge).

Can at times be very serious, (but still try to find the light at the end of the tunnel.) I strongly believe in being a firm, fair, self motivated, reliable leader. I love to keep people informed about what is really going on.


Career History 


Warren Slater has been involved in sales, administration, management, financial control and customer service mainly in the automotive and furnishing industries. I have managed a new car franchise, carpet retail outlets, furniture retail stores, service stations, automotive repair businesses and also ran a security team for approx 14 years. Pat and I also owned our own Tour Company. (Kiwi Host Certificate)


Warren Slater has never been a rocket scientist but uses common sense!




Warren Slater is very interested in Politics (campaigned and stood for both Mayor and Council in 2007, 2010 and 2013 in Whangarei.)  Warren Slater and his wife Patricia Slater are currently members of Whangarei RSA and Chart Northland. Interested in the community at large, both enjoy being an ear for their concerns and Warren and Pat Slater assist them when needed.



 Life in general - motor sports (karting & speedway), boating, aviation (have a Private Pilots Licence), entertainment, pets, a good clean environment and peaceful country living.
Warren competed in Karting during the mid 1970's and still remains interested in a variety of motorsports.


Farming Interests. -
We have been farming and breeding alpacas for 17 years at Kaukapakapa and in Maunu, Whangarei until January 2016 when we sold off all our alpacas.  We now have a couple of dorper sheep and it is out intention to start breeding this fine example of sheep next year. Watch this space!

Past Volunteer work by Warren Slater 


Boat club and Water Safety - Auckland, (both member & Committee); Coast Guard committee;  crew and skipper with Auckland Volunteer Coast Guard (Links to Citation, Special Merit Award and Service Award); Launch Warden with Auckland Regional Council Harbour Patrols (Link to Maritime Safety Officer Service Certificate) and a volunteer on the Police Launch Deodar 2 (Link to New Zealand Police Certificate of Sea Service). 


Warren Slater's Goals in General.


To be an accountable, open, honest and transparent person prepared to listen  objectively to ideas offered by others and make decisions  without fear, favour or bias.


'Promise only what you can deliver - then deliver more than you promised' ~ Author unknown