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LINK to the release of the Decision between Janet Walters-Gleeson & Whangarei District Council by Employment Relations Authority for the hearing on Unjustified Dismissal of the Whangarei District Councils CEO & Mayors Personal Assistant (PA), Jan Walters.

I have read the determination by the authority & it is sure interesting.

Should some other heads been the ones to roll?

Who should pay the legal bills?
Going by the comments in the decision; is it time the CEO was replaced?

Would a CEO in a private business still have his job after behaviour like this?
Why is he still there?

Would that mean accountability?
Is it time for the 'Skeletons in the Closet' to be released?

LINK to the Latest 2014 Local Government League TableLarry Mitchell, Finance & Policy Analyst (Local Government) - February 2013. This is the latest table. Most interesting read. More details are available for a small fee * see bottom of pdf for details and mention you saw it here. I am most supportive of Larry making the facts available to those that pay the bills.....the ratepayers. They have a right to know where their money goes. Congratulations to Clutha, Southland, Rangitikei, Stratford, Selwyn "EQ", Wellington and Marborough District Councils for doing the right thing.

LINK to the Latest 2013 Local Government League TableLarry Mitchell, Finance & Policy Analyst (Local Government) - February 2013. This is the latest table. Most interesting read. More details are available for a small fee * see bottom of pdf for details and mention you saw it here. I am most supportive of Larry making the facts available to those that pay the bills.....the ratepayers. They have a right to know where their money goes. Congratulations to Clutha, Southland, Rangitikei, Straford and Marborough District Councils for doing the right thing.

Whangarei District's First Annual Council Awards 2012 - Wayne Deeming (Integrity Action Whangarei) - 2nd February 2013. After Wayne has attended many Whangarei District Council meetings he has taken the time to 'rate the councillors'.  An interesting read to enlighten you, for who you may wish 'to vote for, or not vote for', in this years local election, in October 2013.  NB. The six pages give detailed explanations from Wayne.  Sadly from his appraisal there does not appear to be a lot to choose from in the present bunch, but could I be mistaken?.

Missing Sign -
  A sign has gone missing from outside "Te Reo ote Morehu - a parish of the Ratana established church of NZ (1925) community hall", at 124 Kamo Road, Whangarei.         
                                 Link to details of Missing Sign.

Link to our 2013 Calendar - PDF file - Feel free to download and use next year. Merry Christmas from our family to your families. Drive safely, next year is important!

Talk back host Cameron Slater on NewstalkZB - Newstalk ZB - 23rd December 2012. Could not let this opportunity go by; Cameron, (my nephew, WhaleOil, NZ Truth Editor and now talk back host) on his first talk back slot and I wanted to wish him well, having a chat on radio with him. He was going great and it was a privilege to be part of his first show.    
Link to us chatting.

Time with loved ones - Whangarei Leader - 18th December 2012.
When the Whangarei Leader asked readers - "If you knew the world was nigh how would you spend your last day?"  Check this for my reply. 

Farmers take on Council over broke drainage scheme - Radio New Zealand - 8th October 2012. A group of Whangarei farmers is accusing the district council of sending Northland's biggest drainage scheme broke.  Is the way the meeting, as reported, was handled by Whangarei District Council CEO, Mark Simpson just another of his "Bully Tactic" style of management?

Link to Hundertwasser Agreement - 26th September 2012, so one can see what we are being held to account for.  Signed on 28th December 2008.

Link to Larry Mitchell Meeting Video - 5th September 2012. Larry Mitchell's definition of "Internal Borrowing" - The use of funds sourced internally by Council (termed internal borrowing ) more correctly is described as funding transfers from reserves. Reserves are invariably created by rating for specific asset funding purposes.  In the normal course of business, Councils should manage these funds so that when the time comes, they will be available for use for asset renewals and replacements.  If there is a shortfall of available funding from these sources further borrowing will be necessary, if approved within existing prudent Council borrowing limits.
Full video of the meeting (1 hour 57 minutes) - filmed and edited by Clare Swinney & Jim Reece. 

Let go Mitch!  Ratepayers won't notice! -
We were privileged to have Dave Wolland, a top local cartoonist on location at Larry's meeting on Wednesday evening........and what message he saw to give inspiraation to put pen to paper. A real classic Dave; you are so talented.

Link to Larry Mitchell's Presentation - Whangarei,  Wednesday 5th September 2012.  Larrys website also well worth a

Expert to examine Kaipara council financial woes - Northern Advocate - 4th September 2012. Information about Wednesday's, 5th September meeting at the Old Library, Rust Avenue, Whangarei at 7-00pm; Larry Mitchell, financial analyst to present on Whangarei and how it sits on his 'league table'. All welcome, come along and hear the real facts.

Call for clarity on council debt - Whangarei Leader - 28th August 2012. Ex WDC Rates Manager, Bill Harris claims debt is higher than council is letting on. That's why we have Finance and Policy Analyst (Local Government) Larry Mitchell coming to Whangarei on 5th September, 7.00pm at The Old Library, Rust Avenue to present the facts to this story.

The pits - The Whangarei Report - 2nd August 2012. A letter by Jeremy Busck telling of the last Whangarei District Councils monthly meeting and how he 'saw it'. We can't all be wrong in how we report it. 

Query over CEO - Northern Advocate - 6th July 2012. An article outlining a request made by a group of concerned residents into how the Whangarei District Council's CEO behaved, in his visiting a journalist whose article was published, that he obviously didn't like?

Formal probe only proper - Northern Advocate - 6th July 2012. Editorial from Northern Advocate Editor, Craig Cooper, explaining how an investigation requested into the WDC CEO must be done professionally.

Councillors keen for pre-meeting coffee,chat - Northland Regional Council - 20th June 2012. Caught in action, enjoying a cuppa and laugh with NRC Councillor Bill Rossiter. NRC are very welcoming and hospitable before or after their monthly council meetings.

I'm no bully - council chief - Northern Advocate - 15th June 2012. Is this predetermination by the Mayor?  As chair of the CEO Review Committee he has made a judgement call without a formal hearing; so will an inquiry be unbiased? Probably Not?  Could this be Tui's leading billboard slogan here in Whangarei, for 1998 - 2012?

Make lemonade out of lemons - Northern Advocate - 13th June 2012. An article by Nickie Muir in her 'Inside Out' column in response to WDC's CEO Mark Simpson and his visit to her workplace in response to her earlier article below in an attempt to intimidate her. He's just a bully and if you said 'BOO' he would run a mile.  NB....See my letter titled 'Time for change' in response to this and the two articles below on my 'Letters' page .

Simpson reaction is odd - Northern Advocate - 13th June 2012. An article by Editor Craig Cooper in reaction to the actions of Whangarei District Council CEO Mark Simpsons action to a journalists story. Interesting reading.

Hands up, silent majority - Northern Advocate - 6th June 2012. An article by Nickie Muir in her 'Inside Out' column about mayors, CEO's and are they out of their use by date.

Review of Local Government Act  2002 - If you wish to make a submission to the Local Government Act 2002, maybe here is your opportunity.

Single Unitary Authority? - Newstalk ZB - 1st June 2012. Looks like the debacle with the Kaipara District Council is bringing Unitary Authority changes into the limelight again in Northland.  Which council should be the mainstay of a reorganisation?  NRC has been acting responsibly; so if intellegence rules and is part of the decision, it has to be them.  

Abolish NRC? Unitary takeover bid again - Newstalk ZB - 2nd May 2012. Which council can look after themselves?  FNDC, KDC & WDC all have large debts; NRC doesn't, it has valuable assets. The answer is NRC; it acts responsibly and prudently with good financial policies.  Is it no wonder Far North Mayor Wayne Brown is leading a charge again, to get his mitts on the money?

Group behind city signs revealed -
Northern Advocate - 5th April 2012. The group behind the signs is revealed. Does this mean they want to pay for the project?

Grim tale - Northern Advocate - 4th January 2012.  One of Whangarei's respected letter writers Brian Craig, tells a tale about how Whangarei District Council has squandered ratepayers money to satisfy the needs of a few in the corridors of decision making.

Council to weigh up tough choices - Northern Advocate - 17th December 2011.  Ratepayers are not walking eftpos machines for council, with many residents having reached their limits of rate demands and struggling to put food on the tables for there families.  Get back to basic infrastructure; put the monuments on the back burner until the debt is down and manageable.

Inquiry needed  - Northern Advocate - 25th November 2011.
A letter from Sarah Granich, Whakapara, calling for an investigation into how Whangarei District Council conducts it's business. Could this be interesting? Is it also linked to an earlier article 'Foul finds in our streams?'

Maori Television Link - Friday 25th November 2011 - Some footage taken on Wednesday 23rd November at Whangarei District Council meeting. Maori TV comment on Maori seats in local Elections. (footage on link 15m39sec to 18m10sec)

Ratepayers not source of free money for councils - Northern Advocate - 24th November 2011.
 An interesting article by Matthew Long, Federated Farmers Northland President. Right on with the attitude of those in council, who think ratepayer's pockets are bottomless.

Foul finds in our streams - Northern Advocate - 19th November 2011. 
An article about how Millan Ruka explores our polluted waterways. Does Council own some of this land and lease it out?

Mayor: Debt of $165m acceptable - Northern Advocate - 7th November 2011.  Another deviation from his election promises. Can Morry be trusted?  A question for you - Does GREEN get lighter, or darker, with DENSITY?

Parking fine refunds for mailed tickets - Northern Advocate - 28th October 2011.
  A simple Official Information Act request was asked of Whangarei District Council and their explanation to it and their attempt to cover up how they cancelled a councillors parking ticket exposed an even further loophole in their system, in their attempt to fob me off supplying an earlier dated memo.  I was not fooled by it, so thanks Mr Dell; it's a shame the fault bypassed you and turned on Mr Couchman. But it has proved how difficult your are to deal with.

Are WDC Parking tickets 'Null and Void?" -  See attached PDF.
   Check the reply received from Whangarei District Council to an 'Official Information Act' request on how Cr John Williamson's actions resulted in the cancellation of a parking infringement and how their (Councils) explanation and attached memo cover for his misdemeanour. The ticket is not the issue; is it's how the influence was used?  So if a parking warden fails to 'talk to you' does that make the ticket worthless and not enforcable according to their (WDC) memo of 10/12/2010?  See if you can get off your tickets or does this just mean 'free parking'?

What price on a great lifestyle? - Northern Farming Lifestyles - September 2011.  Go to pages 4, 5 & 6 to read an article about how we brought about a change to our lifestyle. Won't make us money 'rich'; but we are happy 'rich'.

Mayor says sorry for 'nigger' , sex quips - NZ Herald 12th September 2011.  World famous......for all the wrong reasons.

Apology for nigger, sex quips - Northern Advocate - 10th September 2011.  Do I need to say anything? He is, what I always thought he was. Do you think France wants an immigrant to bring their IQ down?

Hatea River Resource Consent Application - Northern Advocate - 3rd September 2011. An application to discharge 'treated sewage effluent' into the Hatea River. What do you consider to be 'treated effluent'?  In my opinion if it is not of drinking water quality it should not be discharged into any of our waterways. Our environment is not a dumping ground. Have your say to the submission, NOW! (It closes 30th Sept 2011)  Pure water or No Discharge.

Out of sight - Northern Advocate - 14th July 2011. A letter by Lorraine Craig in response to Isopo Samu's letter (link below). Lorraine writes many good letters asking questions about process in councils, to ensure the correct facts are given to ratepayers, rather than smoke and mirrors stuff.

Council process - Northern Advocate - 11th July 2011. A letter by Isopo Samu asking "where have all the so called council watchers gone?"  I know where I have been, at most council meetings and reporting on them on my website, but I have only ever seen 2 other candidates at the odd meeting and you wern't one of them.

Better out of town - Northern Advocate - 9th July 2011. A well constructed letter by Alex Macmillan on the Hundetwasser location and how ratepayers money could be saved. Is he right?

Bus stop - Check this out for a well planned bus stop location. About as good as the location of the Work and Income building on the corner of Kamo and Station Roads in Kamo. But we will just have to live with it; eh Paul Dell?

Email joke crashes and burnsNZ Herald - 9th July 2011. A Whangarei District Council staff member sends out a comical email and cops a lot of hassle. This makes me recall an earlier email sent out from WDC. Word has it that 'Sadly an email sent out 'bad mouthing' one of Whangarei's finest restaurants, by a WDC HR staff member was denied by management that it was sent out in working hours. This email caused grief to the proprieter of the restaurant, where as the latest hasn't affected someones livelihood.'  This one was sent accidentally, the one about the restaurant was deliberate.  Being paid to work by ratepayers it may have been prudent to have sent it out from home.

Brainwashing or Consultation? - Some call it 'Consultation' while others call it 'Brain Washing'; You be the judge.

Advertising promo for the Rugby extravaganza -   See the latest signs promoting are 'clean green' region for the upcoming tour that we all will be paying for, over the next twenty years. Yeah right!   Sign 1 & Sign 2

Saving Whangarei $13million - We have found our own Hundertwasser in Maunu. The only thing missing is the putt putt golf course (mini golf) on the roof, but sure there is ample space across the road for it, that could be arranged. If you look outside the square, you will be surprised at what you may find. Here is just another option and a bus shelter will not be needed for the tourists.

Hard look at need for third Nest helicopter - Northern Advocate - 26th May 2011. Guest View by Mr Mike Daniel opening up some questions with some facts about the helicopter story. Didn't we all think they were on the 'bones of their arse'?  Wasn't that why the targeted rate was imposed? Oh, am I wrong?

Rail in Northland - Save our Rail in Northland. A small video clip I shot on Saturday 28th May 2011 of the steam train excursion arriving in Whangarei. (ahead of schedule I must add, not running late) Lets hope public pressure can keep the railway north open allowing the future of Northland to prosper.

Kick Butt - I'm normally kicking butt, so now it's your turn to kick mine. See how far you can kick my a_se. Go on, have some fun, don't be shy. 

Our report card on councillors - Integrity Action - Whangarei. Get the latest update on how councillors at the Whangarei District Council are seen in the eyes of some regular attendees of council meetings.

Our Review of the Northland Event Centre Project - The Office of the Auditor General conducted a review into the project after numerous citizens had some queries and wrote to them requesting an enquiry. Read the results now.

Recovering mayor considers taking time off - Radio New Zealand - 6th May 2011. Whangarei Mayor Morris Cutforth says he will decide next week whether to take timme off to recover from a stroke.

Fuss over trust fuelled by own secrecy - Northern Advocate - 14th April 2011. An article by the editor, Craig Cooper, getting the real issues out there like many have written letters about. "You shouldn't be afraid ..... If you have nothing to hide"  Let us have transparency as a lot of it is our money, or have you forgotten. If you dont want to 'show & tell' let's then stop the targeted rate.

Third Helicopter for Northland - Newstalk ZB - 31st March 2011. What do you think about being bull-shitted for a long time about NEST having no money?  Salary increases for selected executives and now a third chopper while they cry 'poormouth' and fleece ratepayers with imposed targeted rates. (some of whom can't even feed their families properly, buy an extra bottle of milk or petrol for their cars)  It's time his cohorts woke up and stopped making us all fund 'his' empire.

Signage issues. Another
sign noticed while moving around Whangarei.  Signage was addressed by one person at the WDC 'public forum' on 23rd March and a link to a copy of that speech.  Have you been hassled by council? If so please make contact as there is a group that have had enough.

Questions over chopper trust - Northern Advocate - 24th March 2011. A great Letter to the Editor telling a story and questioning the trust, a couple of the trustees and its funding by Mike Daniel, a man that has been in the areas to be well informed.
New mayor, same old secrecy
  - Northern Advocate 19th March 2011. Letter to Editor telling a story as it should be told by Brian Craig.
Rates Matter with Frank Newman - Property Plus Northland - 23rd March 2011. An interesting read and Frank tells it as it is....A waste of OUR money yet again and without our approval.
Local Government Options for Northland 'Report Cost'. An OIA request has revealed the following facts. 
Total costs so far $365,133-00.  Just $271,358-00 for WDC. Not a lot, if you say it fast and what has it achieved? Should those that authorised it, pay for it?

Sign of the times - A sign noticed while moving around Whangarei. Signage has been an issue with WDC getting persistent with some 'alledged offenders' who believe there are not rules for all. But some are not prepared to shut up and go away. Is this a start of a revolt against the bureaucrats? Have you been hassled by council? If so please make contact as there is a group that have had enough.

Clayton meeting - Whangarei Leader -15th February 2011. Why advertise a meeting and then state it is to be held in CONFIDENTIAL?  Is it a dentist appointment, a doctors appointment, a lawyers appointment, appointing a new CEO, appointing a new staff member, appointing a new cleaner, appointing a new contractor, appointing a new mayor, or appointing a contract ????????  Come on you have got to appoint something or is it just getting to 'A Point'.  
All is revealed
CLICK for Newstalk ZB update 18th February 2011. 
CLICK for WDC Press release 17th February 2011.  
SYNOPSIS of the situation. Having been a critic of Mark Simpson this may be of interesting reading.

An interesting article which is a good read with some very good messages in it .
Click for The Seed

Warning as sewage spills in harbourNorthern Advocate - 24th January 2011. Mr Mayor, 100 days has passed since the election  and we still have the stuff in our harbour that you promised  to fix, but allowed it to be deferred. So much for your word, where is your integrity?

RWC big influence on museum shift? - The Whangarei Report - 6th January 2011. Well we finally have a Councillor prepared to stand up for his beliefs and also demand a mandate to spend ratepayers money. Great stuff Merv Williams. One of my claims is to "stand up for what you believe in even if you have to stand alone."  Credit for standing up to be counted. A lack of team support is obvious by people jumping to capitalise on the vacancy you have made. You are right on the money though Merv, everything is for the World Cup. When its all over we will have debt to remind us of it. Its just like our Multi Events Centre....where are the Gymnastics, Indoor bowls, Soccer etc we were all promised. It was all BS to con us into allowing the stadium to be built, with a debt to all who live here for at least 15 years, to satisfy the whims of a few. Im not against rugby, but definately against the way some things have and are still being done.

Do councils do what they say they will do? - BREAKINGVIEWS.CO.NZ - 31st December 2010. - Frank Newman tells it as Frank often does. To the point as he's well qualified and researches well to do so. Read this and you too will know the answer is, a BIG NO.

Pollution hits Northland tourist sites - N Z Herald - 30th December 2010. Northland appears to really need to get it's act together to encourage people to use its beautiful environment, by making it, in reality,cleaner and greener. More action less talk!!!!  Let's do it.

Confusion over pollution of the sea - Northern Advocate - 28th December 2010. Letter to Editor from Marine expert, Wade Doak of Ngunguru, who makes comments re the health of our harbour. Council needs to start listening to experts about the future of the environment.

$4 million upgrade of Town Basin gets green light - The Whangarei Report - 23rd December 2010. They can find the money for this but defer projects that are of greater importance to the people of Whangarei. Is this all about just making Whangarei LOOK PRETTY for the World Cup? Should it be 'STUFF the World Cup' and let's spend to make Whangarei HEALTHY, by fixing the sewage problems (as promised), for the people that live here and pay their way, all the time?

Harbour bridge work a casualty of cost-cutting - Northern Advocate - 21st December 2010. Shame these issues weren't discussed in detail at the Finance or Council meeting on 15th December 2010. Is this just another slip it out in the paper example of what don't they want us to know? Why have important (declared affordable) projects been deferred yet new projects are getting the go ahead?  Another flip-flop?  Has any one asked what is the current debt and what is it likely to be next year?

Hot News - How Big is Santas Carbon Footprint? - Newstalk ZB - 21st December 2010 - Mike Hosking tells all the facts about Santa's carbon footprint. Courtesy also -The Energy Saving Blog. Politics at an extreme..... or humour?  You choose.  Merry Christmas.

Some questions for the Mayor - Bream Bay News - 16th December 2010. - Answered by Cr Phil Halse; the controlling power behind the politically naive new Mayor, who was unable to answer the questions, even after the questions were sent to him earlier. (See article in Bream Bay News for clarification - so was he was un-prepared?)  Dont let Halse make a goose of you.
Keeping in touch earlier Morris, may have been helpful for this demanding position. 

Surprise - Northern Advocate (Klarc on Staurday) - 4th December 2010. Morris '180 degree' Cutforth does it again. Are the papers having a crack at us losing control of our assets?  A Surprise? Maybe to some, but to those that have watched closely it's NO Surprise. The question is.....Who is pulling his strings?

Valuable but... - Northern Advocate - 26th November 2010. (letter to the editor - Richard Morgan. MC supporter) An interesting article, but strange that statements are made when certain people weren't at MOST of the meetings. Is it dangerous to rely on second hand information?  Thats what MOLE pages are for.
Speaker time tweaker Northern Advocate - 26th November 2010. Real accurate reporting with only 3 mistakes!!!!  Yeah right. 
See my article for the facts.

$20m Okara land sale well underway,council declares - Northern Advocate - 26th November 2010. Is this for real? Or just another flip flop from Morris '180degree' Cutforth away from encouraging the Neal Group development, as per comments made on his recent campaign?
Council seeks sewage solution on Gold Coast - Northern Advocate - 16th November 2010. Look what we found by using Google !!!!
Link to Gold Coast Council Pimpama Coomera  - A lot to choose from 
Link to Brisbane Pimpama waste water treatment plant
Even more to look at, strange eh?   We didn't have to leave the office, and if we really wanted to we could have called Aussie to ask questions, used our Skype or even had a video conference. Suppose it's easier to call 0800737000.     Some are asking why 4?      Answer: Only one had a credit card.
$200,000 spent and still no decision - Northern Advocate - 13th November 2010. If only they had asked the community first, $200k would have been saved. Accused as being critics we believed the whole process was flawed. Do you think that Senior Management, (the short and tall of it) involvement was Independent, or was the initial report written as directed? Was it about grabbing the assets of the NRC?  Do you think for one moment that Don Brash and Sir Peter Trapski would not have thought 'that the investment of the community in this process has been worthwhile'? Ratepayers paid for their decision and haven't got one, did they not?  We have always believed a change to Northland's structure will be dictated to by central government. Remember Auckland Super City !!!!  Let's see if the new council waste our money on dumb projects. 
Minister and mayor discuss the issues - Northern Advocate - 8th November 2010. Check NEWS page and submit a caption of your own. 
Has he dropped the trumpet he was blowing? or is it the size of the fish, he caught, that he's showing? or is it how great the harbour is, now he's there? or is it the size of the debt, that now doesn't need auditing? or perhaps the amount of traffic that will use the extra bridge, he now wants?  It may be neither of these, so you tell us your caption.

Klarc on Saturday Northern Advocate - 1st November 2010. I really don't have to say a damm thing. Doesn't 'a picture speak a thousand words'.....Or is this going to just be like another episode of "Life with Dexter"
Old boys v newbies - Whangarei Leader - 2nd November 2010. So much for the old saying 'a new broom sweeps clean'. We will have to just  wait and see what transpires.
Outgoing deputy takes parting shot at Halse - Whangarei Leader - 2nd November 2010. Good job, good on you Kahu. We too know the guy tells "porkies" and we have the proof.
Mayor not so critical - Whangarei Leader - 2nd November 2010. Really, well I suppose he will have to be careful with the sights of 70K watching how he performs. It dosen't pay to rock the boat when you are in it, unless of course you can walk on water. Take lessons.
Councils debt for the year revealed - Northern Advocate - 1st November 2010. But wait there's more. All will be revealed after June 2011 when all the previous Councils commitments are added up. eg bridge, roading contracts etc. Oh silly me it's also the majority of the new councils commitments as most of them are in there, so can't really blame the last term, can they?  Only 4 can.
Council war of words as deputy takes over - Northern Advocate - 30th October 2010.  Should we all heed Cr Sutherlands warning?  We too have proof the new deputy mayor has told porkies in the past!  Can he change??????
Corrupt system fetters Obama - Northern Advocate - 28th October 2010.  How pertinent is it that this article is in a Northland newspaper?????

Mayor says bridge,clean harbour are both possible - Northern Advocate - 28th October 2010. So now elected, the debt is acceptable and the harbour is clean enough, without huge increases in rates?  A very different story now than one on the election trail. So are there two faces?
Insults fly as new council meets - Northern Advocate - 27th October 2010.  Searing attack on one of two nominees for chairmanship. (Congratulations must go to Rosemary Roberts for ACCURATE reporting)
Is this the beginning of the syle of local governance we are about to see?

Advocate Opinion - Northern Advocate - 16th October 2010. He's (Morris) only been in for a week and the 'comics' are at it. I should feel justified in having a poke, but how about giving him a fair shot at the job first..... then if things are not right, by all means, have a go.
Being mischievous - Northern Advocate - 14th October 2010. (Wayne Deeming) Comments re Craig Cooper, Northern Advocate editor editorial. It appears there is a difference of opinion !!  Thankfully 'Letters to Editor' allow people to express their opinions.
Level playing field expected - Northern Advocate - 13th October 2010. (Wayne Deeming) An interesting support to a letter of 7th October by Mr Craig.
Youth network celebrates milestone - Whangarei Leader - 12th October 2010. We were priviledged to be part of the celebration on 4th October. Whangarei Youth network (with its dedicated volunteers) does a superb job with youth involvement  guiding youth in directions of achievment for them in todays society. This group needs all the support of our community to enable it to continue on its positive focus for all to benefit.
People put new man in charge - Northern Advocate - 11th October 2010. (Craig Cooper - Northern Advocate editor)
Election 2010 - a link to the page all about the 2010 Election, condensed onto one pdf complete with all the links to make way for a new page "What's Up"
Election'10 - Northern Advocate & Channel North Initiative - September - October 2010 :-Questions put to mayoral candidates and they have 1 minute to answer. Transcripts published in Northern Advocate following TV broadcast. (Unfortunately body language, the use of numerous Ums & R's and the showing of some candidates reading their notes are excluded from these articles)
Questions   (Click on each question to reveal candidates answers)

1/   What are you going to do about the Whangarei Harbour pollution?

2/   What is the single biggest roading issue facing Whangarei and what
      are you going to do about it?
3/   Whats an acceptable level of council debt, and how do we keep it  

4/  How will Whangarei look different in three years time after you are 

                                Questions 4 & 5 are combined
5/  What can the council do to help the local economy?

6/ What's the first thing you're going to do when elected as mayor?

Um, I'd just like to say... - Northern Advocate - 7th October 2010. (Brian Craig - Kamo) Interesting comment from the editor. There is a big difference between "smooth-talkers" and good speakers. Maybe a visit to 'Toastmasters' will enlighten his viewpoint. I presume if bad grammar is acceptable in the written media, will editors become extinct?  Who would be happy with a bumbling mayor or one that has to read speeches written by a spin doctor as they are unable to string a few words together about a subject they SHOULD be passionate about.

Mayoral race outsiders battle down to wire - Northern Advocate - 6th October 2010. An old saying in motor racing "when the flag drops... the bullshit stops."  Is it about to happen here? Are we in for a change for the better, or the same old,same old with a diifferent face plate if the poll has some accuracy?

Questions not answered - Northern Advocate - 6th October 2010. A selection of letters, not just the same old people writing, hoping to highlight the style of politics, that perhaps we should not want.

Tiaho Trust - Interviewed some candidates at the Chamber of Commerce candidate meeting 23rd September 2010, asking about their understanding of the disability sector needs.

Think Local First - Northern Advocate - 5th October 2010. A question was placed in Property Plus on 15th September to all candiadtes. See the answers from the 4 that replied.

NorthAble - NorthAble is Northland's primary Disability Resource Centre and has been serving local communities for nearly 20 years. With offices in Whangarei and Kaikohe and a NorthAble Link in Dargaville and opening soon a NorthAble Link in Waipapa, NorthAble provides disability support and information in the Whangarei, Mid Far North and Kaipara Districts.

Power politics - Northern Advocate - 30th September 2010. (Mark Turner - Kamo) Another factual writer aires his concerns, to warn voters of potential traps.

Independence in doubt Northern Advocate - 29th September 2010. (Clare Swinney) Here's a lady that is not frightened to tell it as it is. Read and enjoy as I was contacted by her to substantiate the facts for her letter. Top marks to Clare for wanting the real truth.

Skirting concerns - 
Northern Advocate - 29th September 2010. (Isopo Samu) When other competitors for mayoralty also have concerns it sure tells a story.

Bid for a malleable mayor
 - Northern Advocate - 24th September 2010. (David Little) It's great to see that others are also seeing how some work things for their own self preservation. Well told, good on you David.
Tender(ing) Procedure - Who Stands to Gain? - Property Plus - 29th September 2010. Interesting article. Some 'Cold Hard Facts', but have they stolen some of my thunder?  I have always maintained we need a "level playing field for all, transparency and openness" Guess you are supporting me for mayor.
Dreaming of another life - The Whangarei Report - 23rd September 2010. Candidates were asked three lighthearted questions. Check out their personalities.

These men want to be Whangarei's mayor - Northern Advocate - 22nd September 2010. All mayoral candidates were asked questions about their past. Who hasn't done something wrong in the past, but not been caught?  See the results on Page 3. I learnt from my mistakes and have put much time back into the community since, because there was much more to me.
Duping ratepayers - Northern Advocate - 18th September 2010.
(Sam Richards) It's great to see that some are seeing the truth of the situation. Sunlight is the best disenfectant. 

Cut standards for locals - candidate - Northern Advocate - 17th September 2010. Some interesting comments to the questions may help you decide who you want for Mayor of Whangarei.  Should we settle for lower standards? I believe our people deserve better and not accept second best.  
Candidates front up to young voters - Northern Advocate - 14th September 2010. Whangarei Boys High School hosted the mayoral candidates allowing them to spell out their main points and why to vote for them.
Big guns back anti-stan bid - Northern Advocate - 14th September 2010. A bit of an insite how big money can make politics dirty.

Voters beware - Whangarei Leader 14th September 2010A powerful message in such an advertisement. Proceed with caution.
What the? - Whangarei Leader 14th September 2010. (Sam Morgan) Concerns as who are the puppeteers and what are they wanting?
Chris Carter - Bream Bay candidate - The honest 'Chris Carter' is a choice for Bream Bay. Check out his great values to represent YOU !!!!!
Council Elections 2010 - Onerahi Orbit September 2010. Check out my concerns.

We asked four mayoral candidates to answer leading questions -Scene Magazine - September 2010.
See the different syles on offer.

Mayoral hopefuls put to the test - Whangarei Leader 7th September 2010. Mayoral candidates were asked 3 questions.....see what they had to say.

ElectionTime & things are getting hot.
Some interesting letters are flying into the media:-   (see below)
Election year - Whangarei Leader - (Clyde Korach) 7th September 2010
Puppets - Whangarei Leader - (Brian J Craig) 7th September 2010
Mayoral race - Whangarei Leader - (C Fryer) 7th September 2010

Get ready to tune in for Elections10 - Northern Advocate (Craig Cooper) 4th September 2010. A Channel North & Northern Advocate initiative to keep the people of Whangarei informed for the upcoming election and the choices available to them.

Community excluded ( M.B.Hicks) - Northern Advocate 1st September 2010. Just another comment which reflects the unsavory culture in council management that the employers (ratepayers) experience. TIME FOR A CHANGE !!!!!  It flows from the top down. It must be stopped to protect the "good staff" there from this continual bad attitude before it's too late.  
Words fly as mayoral race heats up - Whangarei Leader 31st August 2010.  Public now aware who is behind who in one particular case, but the question WHY big business is behind him, still remains
unanswered.                 Link to the Puppet Free Zone video.10min

Whangarei Bars angry at reduced opening hours - TV3 Nightline   25th August 2010 ... Link to youtube video also Whangarei bar and restaurant owners are furious the local council has voted to impose tougher rules on licensed bars and restaurants........... Isn't it a sad state of affairs that it takes a protest to fill the public gallery at Whangarei District Council. What does that tell you.

Get back to basics - (Chris Carter) - Northern Advocate 15th July 2010 - a letter of support in response to an earlier letter. 

Two urgent problems (M McDonald) - Northern Advocate 15th July 2010 - another letter of support in response to an earlier letter. 

Camera keeps a check on councillors - Newstalk ZB -Yahoo Xtra - 15th July 2010 - Congratulations Mayor Rick Cooper for bringing the decision making into the homes of the people the decisions normally effect.

Whangarei Tourist Hot Spot - Northern Advocate 10th July 2010 - As some in the media see Whangarei at present. Let's change the perception by addressing these issues.

Different view - Northern Advocate 5th July 2010 - a letter of support in response to an earlier letter.

Clarity call on events centre - Whangarei Leader 29th June 2010.  
I relayed to the Leader, when asked, some of the many comments that have been made to us (some also from inside) in regards WHY the Northland Events Centre Trust is being treated different to the Whangarei Tourism Trust, Whangarei District Airport & Northland Regional Landfill Ltd by not having a 'Statement of intent'.  WHY?  WHY?  Is it the $840-00 it saves? If we are that "cash strapped" why are we spending in areas, that to some, are less important?

Mayoral hopeful - Whangarei Leader 29th June 2010. In brief -  A local man, who hasn't been seen around council or at submission processes, joins the race for mayor. Who are the business people behind him?

Time to Become Involved - Farming Lifestyles - Friday 4th June 2010. An interesting article by Ian Walker, a most respected Northland Regional Councillor, who on many ocassions 'says it as he sees it'.  Could this also mean 'speaks the facts' or 'tells the truth'?

Northland councils persist with doomed unitary proposal - Radio New Zealand - 2nd June 2010. The Minister of Local Government Rodney Hide has poured cold water on the hopes of two Northland council's to become unitary authorities.

Some cold hard facts exposed - some sources and investigations are unreliable and far from the truth. Get the facts now from a reliable source.

It's Al as in Emerson - by Alan Emerson - The New Zealand Farmers Weekly - 31st May 2010. (is this the same little ol New Zealand that we all grew up in, or is this a new regime of bully tactics to silence those willing to speak out?)

Seven-hour council saga - Northern Advocate - 1st May 2010  (Don't get exited!  It is not possible at WDC unless the closed door room is possibly not available, or public excluded bulb is burnt out . This is just a normal FNDC meeting as they have a longer concentration span.)

No council bullying, says mayor - Northern Advocate - 29th April 2010 (Keep watching as examples are due to be made available in the public arena shortly - then we will see who tells "Porkies") 
Clarification - There is a misquote in this article
...It was not Mr Slater that said 'he has publicly called us whingers, whiners and wafflers'
Does this need a "Name & Shame" column? What do you think? 

Articles in
Bream Bay News - 29th April - regarding the McKinlay Report of Unitary Authorities in Northland and the Whangarei District Council "Road Show" on same, from different perspectives.  Worth reading - May help you make an informed submission, which closes 31st May.         
          See page 2   - Editorial
See page 4   - Letters - 'Appalled at political bickering'
See page 12 - 'This is about personalities and it shouldn't be'
Link to submission forms.

Aim for outstanding! - (outsatnding in your field, not out standing in the rain, as some may think) (A must read article) - Jeroen Jongejans - Business Advocate April 2010.

Who owns the Port Nikau Land? - An insight to  ownership - Northern Advocate News15th April 2010.

An Opinion worth reflecting on by Alan Emerson - The New Zealand Farmers Weekly - 12th April 2010.

Link to article where the Mayor's comments make one believe the councillors are not aware of what is happening.

Interesting comments from an ex Whangarei District Councilor, Mr Frank Newman  (Does he have have more of an inside view to council than the great unwashed of us outside?) I attend those meetings, what category do I come into?  Roll on October, then I may have more answers.

The importance of Northland Regional Council as a "watch dog" (See 'Close Up' 11 March 2010) over local District Councils and maintanence of essential basic infrastructure. (will Whangarei be next with its failing infrastructure? eg over 40 Sewage spills last year into the Whangarei Harbour)
An example of a Northland Regional Council due diligence warning of "Drought Conditions"
Northland Regional Council  Press Release on Kaitaias Water situation

Should LOGOS be played with ?  (view original on WDC website)  if so, do you think they should get it right?  (see Modified Version that may tell a truer story)


KDC Press release - Kaipara Harbour Key to Kaipara's Future - 3rd March 2010

Road Safety Strategy - a new policy is released by Government to hopefully make our roads safer - see the submission statement I made to "Safer Journeys" back in October 2009.

MP's a sorry bunch - Frank Newman - Breaking - a very interesting article and some need to take note

Binding Referendum Song - Better Democracy NZ - Interesting listening. 'It appears very few elected representatives want to listen, they think we only have a say every three years - and only then'

Mayoral egos lord it over rest of us - The Rural Advocate - 18 December 2009. - Awesome comments and a good read from Ian Walker (NRC Councillor & Chairman of Farmers New Zealand) - A man with 3 I's. Intelligence, Integrity and Insight, who is bold enough to call things as they are. My type of person.... congratulations Ian.

Regional chief thanks critics - Northern Advocate - 12 December 2009. Is is not just the whingers, whiners, wafflers,council critics and those with political aspirations that have their suspicions about the way some in Whangarei District Council operate on their projects????  Let's just wait and see what happens.   See Northern Advocate 10 December 2009 article.

In protest Margaret Hicks & David Lourie left the Whangarei District Council meeting on Wednesday 25 November, when they were refused speaking rights wanting to ensure safer beaches for everyone , during the discussion on 'vehicles on beaches'. - 

Article from Newstalk ZB - 26 November 2009.

Looking for a great gift for someone - Auckland Zoo  'Zoom Tours' - a most fantastic experience and many to choose from.... a must to do if visiting Auckland - Trust Me, I absolutely loved the morning with the primates. (see photo above)

Mayor's insult riles coupleNorthern Advocate (makes Headline) - 21 November 2009 

Council ignores protests, approves controversial Whangarei land sale - National Business Review - Friday 30th October 2009

Minister of Local Government Hon Rodney Hide announces review of Dog Laws hopefully making Councils more 'Dog Friendly' - A break-through making it easier for law abiding dog owners to enjoy their animals without fear -
Listen to Audio clip Newstalk ZB 6th October 2009

10 Things the Alcohol Industry Won't Tell You About Alcohol - Public Meeting 29th September 2009
 -  to be Hosted by Mayor Stan Semenoff (sadly, he was unable to attend, which possibly jeopardised his chances to address some of the more recent local issues he so much wanted to sort out)

Supporting NEST (Northland Emergency Services Trust) Northland Rescue Helicopter - See
Supporters Information - See Supporters Letter - See Trade Me Auction details.

Please listen,Mr Mayor - The Whangarei Report - 13 August 2009 

Millions being wasted in community consultation,says Whangarei Mayor - The Whangarei Report - 13 August 2009
(Mayors comments on cost of LTCCP for consultation. Does he like to listen?)

Where credit's due -  The Whangarei Report - 13 August 2009 - (praising the correct people?)

Like rust - rates never sleepNorthern Advocate - 11 August 2009 

Unwanted dogs to be destroyed by lethal injection - Northern Advocate - 8 August 2009  (It is finally about to come to fruition)

Bridge an extravagance while harbour polluted - Radio New Zealand News - Thursday 9th July 2009  (Where lies councils priorities?)

Whangarei playing field attracts retailer interest and hefty price tag - National Business Review - Friday 12th June 2009

Twin-city concept spurned by public - Northern Advocate - 5 June 2009

Report critical of animal care - Northern Advocate 3 June 2009 
Warren & Pat have campaigned on this since early 2007 and are still proactive -
see WDC Submission on Animal Welfare

Entertainment sans the hospitality - Wayne Deeming - The Whangarei Report - 4 June 2009

Dissappointment with CEO's actions - L.Craig - The Whangarei Report - 4 June 2009

There has to be a forest somewhere - The Whangarei Report - 28 May 2009          - See response from Wayne Deeming

Hackles rise as some stay seated - Northern Advocate - Tuesday 28 April 2009

Warren & Pats 30/50 Submission

30/50 Document WDC

Syers: Failing to stand offensive - The Whangarei Report - 30 April 2009

Councillor stands for chamber rules - Whangarei Leader - Tuesday 28 April 2009

Call for another option - Whangarei Leader- Tuesday 21 April 2009

Option 5 - An answer to Whangarei District Council LTCCP submission where they have stacked the answers for what they want! - Thursday 9 April 2009

uncil sewage claims “a joke” after latest spill – Radio NZ News - Monday 2 March 2009

Membership List - Alpaca Association of New Zealand - Current

Anger over harbour sewage snub - Northern Advocate - Friday 30 January 2009

Whangarei Harbour protest - Frog Blog - Sunday 14 December 2008

Heritage guest comments - (Phantom of the Opera, after prize package)- Saturday 1 November 2008

Question on Crime Prevention - Election 08 - TVNZ - October 2008

Question on Referenda to John Key & Helen Clark - Election 08 – TVNZ October 2008

Dog control is back on track - Northern Advocate - Thursday 13 March 2008 - (Worth the effort put in to force a council review into the situation)

Declaration of Election Results – Whangarei District Council – Wednesday 17 October 2007

Your vote 07 – The Results – NZ Herald – Sunday 14 October 2007
Whangarei District Council Mayoral Race -  GE Free Northland  – Sunday 7 October 2007

Morningside Election meeting 10 Sept - Can Poor People Own Dogs in New Zealand – Tuesday 25 September 2007

Exclusive Poll - Mayoral race leader revealed – Northern Advocate – Saturday 22 September 2007

Whangarei Elections Heating up – – Wednesday 19 September 2007

Responses to the Mania Health PHO Health, Wellbeing and Local Government Questionaire – September 2007

Questionnaire – Local Body Elections in Northalnd – Tiaho Trust – September 2007

Election Questionnaire – living – September 2007

Election of Mayor profile – Whangarei District Council – September 2007

Race is on for public vote – Stuff – Whangarei Leader – Monday  27 August 2007

Christie standing for Mayor- Stuff – Whangarei Leader – Monday 13 August 2007

Whangarei District Council pisses off McDonalds - - Saturday 7 July 2007 

Submission to Whangarei District Council - re dog control – NB see pages 19/20/21 Thursday 26 July 2007

Mayoral meddling in Whangarei - - Sunday 1 July 2007

Dog holes shock - Northern Advocate - Saturday 19 May 2007

Dog Holes Opened - Campbell Live TV3 - Thursday May 17 2007

Owners rally to challenge dog control after attack – Northern Advocate –Tuesday April 24 2007

Assistance at Whangarei A&P Show - Alpaca show – Kaipara Pines Alpacas-  4 December 2006

Other links of interest :-


Integrity Action – A most interesting website monitoring local government 

Integrity Action - Rating of Councillors - an interesting read and how councillors are view through the ever watchful eyes of one attending WDC meetings. 

Save Our Harbour - The voice of the Whangarei Harbour supporters 

Ngunguru Sandspit Protection Society Inc.
 - The society's mission is to support protection of the the natural, cultural and historic values of Ngunguru sandspit so it is enjoyed, valued and cherished now and by future generations.

Web of Evidence: What They Don't Want You To Know

Whale Oil beef hooked – Top ranking “political commentary with bite” website

Newman - Frank is an ex WDC Councillor who has 'Ears and a Backbone'

Better Democracy NZ - Steve Baron - Mission to 'promote binding referendums to help strenghten our representative democracy.' 

 Whangarei District Council

Northland Regional Council

Resource Management Act

Local Government Act

NZ Parliament – Contact List


New Zealand Legislation

Office of the Auditor general

Letters to the Editor – New Zealand

Minister of Fisheries - Hon Phil Heatley – MP Whangarei   (Email)

Minister of Local Government - Hon Rodney Hide 
- Leader Act

Political Parties:-

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

New Zealand First

Progressive Party

ACT New Zealand

The Maori Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

New Zealand Labour Party

N Z National Party

Monitoring Reports – Northland Regional Council


ENVIRONMENTAL INCIDENTS - Annual Monitoring  Report  2006-2007  - Northland Regional Council

ENVIRONMENTAL INCIDENTS - Annual Monitoring  Report  2005-2006  - Northland Regional Council

ENVIRONMENTAL INCIDENTS - Annual Monitoring  Report  2004-2005  - Northland Regional Council

ENVIRONMENTAL INCIDENTS - Annual Monitoring  Report  2003-2004  - Northland Regional Council

ENVIRONMENTAL INCIDENTS - Annual Monitoring  Report  2002-2003  - Northland Regional Council


Many Politicians use words that many people do not fully understand, making them feel important;  one of these words used frequently is GLOBALISATION.......Understanding Globalisation in simple terms

Is this OUR Politicians? The Haircut - (an interesting article)

Donkey Wisdom  -  (an interesting read)

An Obituary printed in the London Times - Interesting and sadly rather true.

That Old Chestnut - interesting article by Reg Bourne Menshealth - 12 Nov 2009. A great article every man, over the age of 40, should take the time to read to understand Prostate Cancer.


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