Whangarei District Council Meeting - 10am Wednesday 22  April 2009


Cr. Warwick Syers.  Quote:-


‘I want to make a statement before the meeting starts; I am appalled and disgusted at people’s behavior going on in this chamber.  It must be my military training, people should be upstanding.  The protocol is the same as in parliament and in the law courts.  People are asked to stand and show respect.  Not necessarily for the person but for the position of mayor, show respect for the office.  It shows no respect for mayor’s of the past, Mayors Jack Johnson, Ken Haslett, Joyce Ryan Craig Brown, Pamela Peters and the incumbent.  I am not happy with it, they should think about their behavior.  If people wish to enjoy the hospitality of this chamber they should respect protocols.  These delinquent people should consider their behavior and think of what I have said.  If they can not be upstanding in this chamber I would suggest if they want to attend they should join the meeting after the prayer.’



Mayor Stan Semenoff. Comment:-


Thanks for that, I had know idea that was going to happen.



NB. We have endeavored to be as accurate as possible from the information we had in reconstructing this quote. Any comments to improve its accuracy are most welcome. Perhaps a copy of the original speech from Cr Syers may be able to substantiate it.