What lessons? – Northern Advocate – 3rd July 2014

What comes after H?

What came through loud and clear was it was “process” and “lack of relevant and accurate information” that signed off the demise of the Hundertwasser Art Centre project.

It was raised during the debate, in opposition, that those now demeaning the process the project went through, had in fact been an integral part of that said process.

Yes, many had been councillors, committee chairs, deputy mayor and acting mayor and had allowed that deplorable process to develop under their own eyes.

Senior management, departmental managers and staff also come under the cross hairs of scrutiny by being those accused of withholding critical and important information, which the elected requested and needed to make informed decisions.

So what now from the lessons learnt?  Are those staff, who attempted to defeat the course of an open and transparent process, going to the have their positions with Council terminated?  Are the elected ones, who failed to ensure the ratepayers were protected and, by their lack of “duty of care”, allowed flawed process to continue, do the honourable thing and tender their resignations from elected office? 

Those that pay the bills have had enough of paying for others to waste their precious funds.

One has to wonder were the statements made by those elected during the Hundertwasser item in the Council meeting of 25th June, just some of the skeletons in the closet deemed to be known by our highest paid council employee and now we need to wait for the remainder of them. Surely our elected should be strong enough to get to the bottom of that fiasco.

Warren Slater