Games a delight - Northern Advocate 20th January 2014.



The ASB Sports Arena at Kensington was the venue for the North Island Colgate Games 2014, for children aged 14 or under. Our 7 year old grandson was to compete in 4 track and field events, being also selected for the 4 x 100 metre relay; so we were there for most of the 3 days, Friday to Sunday, January 10-12.

It was great on arrival early Friday morning for the opening to see the venue grandstands full. What was impressive was an event run like clockwork with timings coinciding with the programme.

By being up close to a number of the events, this allowed people to witness the encouragement and disciplines that were shared with the competitors, by the officials.

Yes, some of the competitors made errors like changing lanes or beating the start gun but it was pleasing to see how these were addressed in a compassionate and professional manner by those officials explaining where these youngsters had made errors.

Never seeing humiliation imposed on any of the competitors was indeed a credit to the officials overseeing those events. Accolades need to be passed onto chairwoman Audrey Williams and her team who organised this event with Athletics New Zealand.

A grand performance by the organisers, measurers, timekeepers, sponsors, caterers, team managers and the many scores of volunteers who made this event a showcase for Whangarei.

All pat yourselves on the back; you deserve it. Yes, we should all be proud how the venue excelled for all those upcoming athletes and we too are proud of our grandson Hayden, who achieved a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and two 4ths from his efforts at his first major competition.

We sure are looking forward to the next one.


Warren Slater