Audit the council – Northern Advocate – 21st November 2013.

Forensic Audit?

Wednesday’s Northern Advocate lead story ‘Affidavit alleges skeletons in closet’ further substantiates my thoughts of a number of years. As a candidate, I campaigned for a ‘Forensic Audit’ of the Whangarei District Councils finances during the 2010 election and again recently in the 2013 local body election.

After personally attending council meetings since 2006 firmly believing we and others were only seeing what a number in council wanted the public to see, hence my call was for the audit.

Today’s headlines and story confirm what we have believed and I want to call for the authorities to investigate these allegations that, have according to the story, been made under oath by a senior staff member.

Surely those working within the confines of council and who may be aware of such issues need to snap out of denial and use the protection of the Protected Disclosures Act, commonly called the 'whistle-blowers act' and gain the protection from it to unearth these and other examples of bad behavior and culture within council.

It is ratepayer’s money at stake and that should be of a higher priority that the hides of a few that may be presently being protected.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant; so it is now time to disclose what really has been going on.

I hereby call for a full forensic audit of the finances at Whangarei District Council.

Warren Slater