Become informed – Northern Advocate – 28th September 2013

Informed voters?

After attending at least 17 public Election meetings to date and speaking to them as a Mayoral candidate during this campaign, I have concerns that there may be many    un- informed voters about to cast their selections.

From speaking with many and fielding numerous calls about candidates, a large number of those queries are about Northland Regional Council and Northland District Health Board candidates.

Yes there has been a scarcity of these candidates on the election trail.

Most meetings have been for only the Mayoral candidates with a smaller number catering for Ward candidates. A small number have included the NRC candidates and there have been no meetings, to my knowledge, where Northland District Health Board candidates were invited along to speak; however a couple in attendances had taken an opportunity to say a few words. 

We do not need ill informed voters; don’t rely on everything in the candidate information booklet circulated with the voting papers, as that information is not confirmed.

If you are genuinely concerned make an effort to contact candidates that appeal to you and ask a few questions; it may make a difference to your decision to vote wisely.

Warren Slater  

Mayoral / Okara Candidate