Expensive - Northern Advocate - 28th August 2013.


In reply to P Lister letter of August 23.

The Hundertwasser Art Centre project has created a division in the community and that could well have been avoided.Do I want it? Itís not what I want itís whether you, or the majority, want it.

Any project for Whangarei needs to have the people onboard right from the start. One way to achieve that is by it possibly being either community initiated or to have given the people of Whangarei a choice.

I donít believe council has done this with several projects and this can result in resistance to any new ideas brought forward as has happened in this case. Council must be held responsible for the negativity in this project for lack of allowing genuine community input.

If funding can be organised by the group working on this project, it may well be a solution to this ongoing issue causing a division.

From the many we have spoken to, the ratepayers do not want on-going expenses falling on them for this project.

Iím not personally against this project but I believe it need not be funded by ratepayers, as many canít afford it. I wish to confirm that I believe the Hihiaua Cultural Centre is certainly a way to reflect our community.

Warren Slater


Mayoral / Okara Candidate