Revenue queries – Northern Advocate – 13th July 2013

Income Stream?

Tuesdays article “6 days, 372 tickets and $74,400” is lacking information that I believe would be of great interest to many of us.

I am fully supportive of all motor vehicles complying with the law by having current warrant of fitness and current registration. If it’s good enough for me to comply, should all others? 

There is of course some information lacking, as legislation of the land, policed by Land Transport New Zealand and N Z Police one needs to know where the revenue gathered by local councils participating, ends up. 

What percentage goes to NZ Government and which departments?  How much does the Whangarei District Council receive per $200?  How much does council’s contractor receive, either as a percentage or as an additional cost paid to their contract for this extra policing issue that is undertaken? 

Hypothetically  in the future, if there is an advantage to the finances to council and/or contractor, focus may be more on issuing registration and warrant infringements of $200 rather than the $10 to $57 for overstaying parking offences.

On my estimation of the figures quoted, we could, if all proceeds go to our council, expect an additional revenue of $3.868 million per annum. Wouldn’t that be great for our other road safety issues like pedestrian crossings outside schools, better footpaths for our aged and infirm, safer cycle lanes and of course better maintenance of our roads.

Could we be seeing council contractors out soon weighing overweight trucks in an even bigger attempt to increase a greater revenue stream?

Warren Slater