Eating Out?†† ††††††††NOT YET PUBLISHED

Due to the recent outbreak of Salmonella in Whangarei there has been concern by a people in our town who frequent our hospitality establishments. The local authorities, Northland District Health Board and our health monitoring service, the Whangarei District Council have both failed to notify their customers of where or who the offending eating establishment is. It is like a person who is up on charges and given name suppression, for whatever reason, but their occupation is revealed. Be it a famous sports person, a well known musician, a politician, or a comedian, like has previously occurred and maybe all of those in those professions receive sideways glances. This may well be occurring in our local hospitality industry, which in the best of times, many are finding it hard. They certainly donít need people refraining from eating out because it may be them. Come on authorities, I understand itís not great to name the outlet that has had this unfortunate incident but other cafes and restaurants donít need to be penalised by a lack of action by the authorities who are choosing not to spell out the facts. Maybe the media would like to give the establishment an opportunity to explain their predicament, as it may be an issue of product supplied and not internal issues of the establishment, that have resulted in this issue. I have written to the health board in regards to this and at this stage no solution. Letís hope we all know soon who it is, so we can relax and enjoy dining out again.


Warren Slater