Harbour stalwart - Northern Advocate – 2nd November 2012


Whangarei harbour has lost one of its most passionate supporters. Wiremu Eruera Pohe, known to many as Willie Pohe, passed away suddenly last month. 

Being advised of Willie’s passing after his funeral has left us saddened that we could not pay our last respects to this gentleman.  It was an honour to walk alongside Willie in the Save our Harbour march in December 2008 to publicly display community concerns about Whangarei harbour being polluted with raw sewage discharges. 

Willie was not only concerned about the harbour and other disservices to his people but was actively involved in attempts to make things better.  He toiled on projects such as replanting sea grass, his own way to enhance the health of Whangarei’s harbour, a food basket to many. 

The topic of conversation always encompassed “the harbour” whenever we met, this thought so often in his mind. 

Your sentiments regarding the harbour are bestowed on others to be continuing guardians, Willie.  You will be sadly missed and we salute you for your endeavours to make Whangarei an even better place for future generations.  RIP.

Regards to Dawn and family.

Warren & Pat Slater




Additional Notes to letter.

S O H March Leaders.jpg

(Photos left to right) Willy Pohe, Jill Kahika and Warren Slater, lead the Save our Harbour march on Friday 12th December 2008 through the Whangarei CBD, to publicly display the communities concerns about Whangarei harbour being polluted with many number of raw sewage discharges into it.  Without this community march, council would not have listened to the community about its concerns for the Whangarei Harbour, who have since acted in an attempt to remedy this long time issue. Willy Pohe was one of the original people who instigated the idea of a march and many proudly supported his idea and marched along side him. The harbour is one of Whangarei’s greatest assets and we must all endeavour to protect it from being polluted.