Focus on needs - Northern Advocate – 31st October 2012

(un-abridged copy)

Do we need it?  - Northern Advocate - 24th October 2012   (abridged)

Bees around the honey pot?

It was most interesting reading Mayor Wayne Browns letter “Fewer councils on 18th October.  The overuse of ‘could’ and ‘might’ portray questionable results by a change to unitary authorities, that he and some others want.

What Mr Wayne Brown has not bothered to mention is that accounting firm Deloitte, expert advisors McKinlay Douglas Ltd and Commissioners Sir Peter Trapski and Dr Don Brash who were engaged by district councils, were all paid generously with your hard earned cash for reports and services that many believe were a waste of time.

Is it not the Northland Regional Council’s assets and Port shares that are attracting these councils like bees around a honey pot in an attempt to balance their, own, dismal looking financial books?    Not being a consultant, but offering free advice I can advise how to save lots; stop spending on ‘wants’ and focus on ‘needs’.

Warren Slater




(Items that were abridged by Northern Advocate are in italics, for their 24th October published copy)