Time for Change – Northern Advocate – 16th June 2012.


Re: Inside Out – Nickie Muir’s articles of June 6 and 13, ‘Hands up, silent majority’ and ‘Make lemonade out of lemons’.  

I totally applaud anyone who has the courage to stand up and be counted, by writing informative and factual articles. 

After having many discussions with industry operators in Whangarei, who have been subjected to intimidation and unfair practices by some in ‘our council’, I admire one that has come out and told us all of this despicable and intolerable behaviour.  

Since 2005, attending most district council meetings in Whangarei, I am not surprised at all by this type of ‘bully boy tactics’, that have by her accounts been imposed on this writer who has integrity. 

Having campaigned previously for council, some of my campaign philosophies have been to change the ‘culture’ in our district council. 

Sadly, bad, unacceptable, bullying behaviour can flow from the top down and this has been portrayed by this most recent article. I have to ask, should there be a resignation from the CEO, for this type of intolerable behaviour?  I certainly would not tolerate stand over tactics or bullying behaviour and nor should our ratepayers. Remember these people are employed by us. It’s time for a change, get rid of the bad apple before the whole box of apples becomes worthless.  By the way, where are the Gestapo headquarters in Whangarei?

Warren Slater


(items abridged by Northern Advocate in italics, for their published copy)