Arrogant stance – Northern Advocate – 29th May 2012.

Control freaks?

There is a pattern forming and I don’t like it one little bit.  The Northern Advocate (April 4) quotes a letter where Whangarei Deputy Mayor Phil Halse, at a public meeting regarding the Ruakaka South sewer extension in Bream Bay, said “Senior citizens might like to take out a bank loan or increase their mortgage, thereby passing the cost of the scheme onto their children”. 

Now, the Advocate (April 20) April advises that Russell residents have been told by Far North Mayor Wayne Brown “to move to Moerewa if they can’t afford to pay their rates under a new rating system”.  Is this the height of arrogance from those paid their remuneration by the same people, who they are insulting?  

And these are two of the main perpetrators that wanted to annihilate the Northland Regional Council, grab their investments, sell them off to balance their own council’s books and form either a one, or a two unitary authority in Northland, having an even tighter control over us.  

What people forget is that it is the people that make Northland what it is, not assets or control of power.  With an attitude like that, as has been displayed and reported, would we be better off with these types of people in control?  Don’t think so.


Warren Slater



(items abridged by Northern Advocate in italics, for their published copy)