Victoria Bridge – Whangarei Leader – 31 January 2012

Wind beneath your wings.

I have to fully support the article, ‘Fair weather needed’, 17 January 2012 and the concerns of Kaari Schlebach

 in regards to the Town Basin, Victoria Bridge.  When this was first mooted we had concerns this was going to be prettier than it would be functional.  For it to be felt by a council representative that gazebos could be used is beyond belief.  Most affordable ones for such purposes are quite flimsy and would not withstand the kind of winds that can be experienced in such an exposed position.   And to say "as things go forward we will continue to fine-tune the environment but it does take time to do the design and money to do it" well I ask, have they not heard of do it once, do it right?  Do they not know the most economical way to do things is there and then?  Is it possible this is a bit of a fob off?  My biggest and usual concern is were the people that were going to be most affected genuinely consulted with and asked for their opinions?  I always believe the people that are going to use and or pay for a facility, know best, what they need. You will never please everyone but you can please the majority if you can only take their lead.

Warren Slater