Sewage discharge - Northern Advocate - 8th September 2011.

How Treated? - Whangarei Leader - 13th September 2011


How Treated?

I happened to notice an application by the Whangarei District Council to discharge 'treated sewage effluent' into the Hatea River, Northern Advocate on 3rd September 2011.

What do you consider to be 'treated effluent'?  Check out the degree of treatment, they propose this sewage will receive, before it is going to be discharged into the Hatea River and our Whangarei harbour.

When will our elected listen to the people and stop using our harbour, streams and waterways as a dumping ground for toxic waste?  How do land locked countries cope having no harbours to dump their poos into?  They use other options that are available.

It has been proven our waste water system works fine when we have no rain; so let’s fix the problem of inflow and infiltration when rain water enters the waste system and causes these problems. Get back to basics; fix the cause to fix the problem.

In my opinion, if it is not of drinking water quality it should not be discharged into any of our waterways. Our environment is not a dumping ground. Have your say to the submission, NOW! (It closes 30th Sept 2011)  For our environments sake; insist on “Pure water or No Discharge”.

Warren Slater



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