Dog registration - Northern Advocate - 30th June 2011


Encouraging Dog Registration?

Having received the new Dog Registration for the upcoming year (July 2011 - June 2012) it is pleasing to receive the additional information enclosed regarding the well being of our pets in an the event of a disaster. Another couple of leaflets, one about 10 Canine Commandments and the other, information on the Pukenui Forest  and Limestone Island and how those areas must be protected from dogs gaining access to them.  Congratulations to the contractor for highlighting these important issues.

What is alarming though, is that I have always believed the best way to monitor animal control is to have everyone on board to fund the project. This means all dog owners having their pooches registered. This is certainly not being encouraged by an increase of 16.2% in dog registration fees. The vultures at council have recently increased many of their fee structures by substantial percentages, but hide behind their comments ‘we have only put up rates by 4.5% to keep up with the cost of living’. I recently heard a famous public figure state, when relating to people who fudged the true facts of things, by saying ‘If you were selling shares, you would be guilty of fraud’.  Does the cap fit?

While not agreeing, I understand completely why some continue to buck the system and not register their dogs, as I too ask what added benefits or value are we getting for these increases?  I haven’t seen any: the tags are the same, the term is the same, the animal control seems to be the same and my dogs are getting older and less of a problem.  If you price something off the market, you will stop selling it; or am I missing something?

Warren Slater