Top marks - Whangarei Leader - 28th June 2011

Please turn up - Northern Advocate - 22nd June 2011


Whangarei Hospital = Top marks for service.


Last Saturday night we spent a number of hours at Whangarei Hospital with my elderly mother who had a nose bleed that just didnít want to stop.

You hear people complain about not getting appointments, but there could well be reasons for that.

The service we experienced from the Emergency Department staff that evening was second to none. Special thanks to Dr Jason Barton, Nurse Lisa and the others that assisted with the smooth transition through the emergency department right from my initial phone call, until the discharge of Mum later that evening.

We returned on Monday morning to the ENT department on the fifth floor and found the service by the specialist who cauterized Mothers nasal issue, also to an extremely high standard.

The kindness and professionalism of service we experienced was top notch.

So all you people out there that have appointments, please do turn up, as signs in the hospital inform that last month 1251 did not attend their specialist appointments.

Some of the elderly with memory problems may have an excuse for forgetting, but others who just donít turn up are possibly a little selfish as those unused appointment times are lengthening waiting lists for the ones who genuinely want their ailments addressed.

Donít be afraid; attend your appointments as there are a lot of caring people waiting to address your medical problems.

Bouquets to all at the hospital and letís hope you soon get a bigger car park for your future clients.

Photo attached of Notice board at Whangarei Hospital.

Warren Slater



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