Should we steal gallery idea?  - Northern Advocate - 28th March 2011



Too many questions to be a given



With all the articles in the papers lately, general conversations and a model delivered to Whangarei District Council, but still under wraps, I have been mulling over the topic of a Hundertwasser Art Gallery. 

I know my thoughts but I am only one person that lives here.  Several pertinent questions come to mind and the top ones for me follow; 

What should the next Whangarei Art Museum look like?  Should Kawakawa be left to create more Hundertwasser type buildings since it already has the toilets? Should we steal a neighbour’s idea?  Should Whangarei have a more original building befitting our own local culture?  Can we at this time afford either?  

I would be interested to read others views!


Warren Slater