Lest we forget - Northern Advocate - 1st February 2011

After the storm lashed the North last Friday evening, 28th January, we must analyse some facts. Two streets in Whangarei, (Commerce and Clyde Street) had substantial flooding. These streets may have suffered far worse if the actions of some residents in Whangarei that made submissions during 2009 and 2010 had not had such an impact. The Resource Consent request was by the Whangarei District Council to discharge raw untreated sewage into the Waiarohia Stream, by Railway and Woods Road. Special acknowledgment must go to the submitters and the Commissioners appointed by the Northland Regional Council for their intense interest into this consent application, for not allowing the wish of the Whangarei District Council to discharge into this stream. If granted it most certainly would have had more serious results by drastically polluting these streets endangering the health of those who frequent these areas as the stream is only 200 to 300 metres upstream from this flooded area. We must remember those that fought to protect our town and ask that all remain vigilant for future unsavoury requests by council. We must ensure the sewage issue in Whangarei is addressed properly and high in priority. Recognition must also go to the response and accurate media releases by the Northland Regional Council, last week, in handling the situation informing Northlanders in regards to weather warnings. It is also appropriate to thank our civil defence personnel as many affected by the storm were assisted by them in a professional manner.

Warren Slater