Pat on the back - The Whangarei Report - 12th August 2010



After seeing so many front page headlines that cause concern it was really refreshing to see in the Whangarei Report, July 29 that we have so many people in our district that can still have empathy for another personís loss.

The headline ĎPolice impressed by peopleís honestyí should rightly make those who have handed in lost property, such as rings and huge amounts of money, feel real good about themselves.

One could say that is the only course of action to take but letís face it not everyone is that honest.Good on the honest ones who set fine examples to their families and the rest of society.

And good on Kristin Edge for writing such a good article urging people to give themselves a pat on the back. Letís hope these types of front page articles are going to become the norm.Guess itís up to us, the people of Whangarei!


Warren Slater