Bad booze attitudes must go - Northern Advocate - 29th July 2010  (Abridged)


Wednesday July 2, was the day interested parties had an opportunity to express their opinions regarding the proposed WDC Liquor Licensing Policy Review.

We joined those who had an opinion, sincerely expressing how alcohol abuse affected our family by two brother in laws destroying their lives with their drug of choice, alcohol. Yes it can and does have a severe effect on those close to the problem.

I also shared a story of a friend, who at 16 years of age was killed along with one other, in an alcohol related accident in March 1998. This young woman was an innocent passenger in a vehicle that was hit head on by a man who was under the influence of alcohol.

By accounts he was regularly ‘poured into his car by associates at a sports club’.  What a waste of a human life, her future coming to a grinding halt in seconds.

Our statement also covered the ways in which complaints in relation to alcohol issues have previously been handled by some in council. This area most definitely needs a big shake up.

Closing alcohol selling outlets early, in our opinion will not make changes to this issue. Because the problem of alcohol and its associated issues have been accepted in general by society for a long time, the only positive changes we believe to be effective, is a change in attitude of those participating, the non acceptance of drunkenness by society and then the overall situation may improve. Oh, for a perfect world.

In moderation, like most things, alcohol can be acceptable and we shouldn’t penalise the majority for a minority.

Warren Slater


(items abridged in italics for Northern Advocate copy)