Time to get out of this poo - Northern Advocate - 9th July 2010 (Abridged)

Pooh stink - The Whangarei Report - 15th July 2010 (Un-Abridged)


Oh poo! On Monday, I received the 3rd email alert over a two month period on sewage spills, into our harbour quoting ‘Intense rain caused storm water diluted sewage to spill into the Hatea River from the Hatea Pump Station from Sunday afternoon until midnight last night and from manholes at Takahe Street, Kirikpaka Road, Kauika Road.’  Quoted also ‘four new pumps installed at the Okara Pumping Station prevented any overflows from Okara into the harbour.’  During the submissions for WDC resource consent application on sewage discharge approval to Limeburners creek held on14-17 June, there was mention land had been purchased for possible storage in Kioreroa Road. In my opinion it still appears the issue is getting the proverbial brown stuff from the pan to the treatment plant. Hello, it’s obvious to the unqualified, the issue is in the whole network with infiltration and inflow, as these problems are occurring when it rains. Think of the many who are living on or close to the water or wish to gather sea food or pursue recreation. My priority, when elected come October, is to stop the brown stuff going into our harbour and fix the problem, once and for all. We must put a plan into action and budget accordingly to stop this total disregard of our precious harbour.

Warren Slater


(abridged items in italics for Northern Advocate copy)