A clear view - The Whangarei Report - 24th June 2010


Proceed with caution

With winter now upon us it is most important to be fully aware of the conditions ahead whilst driving. I am one who likes a clean windscreen, demisted well, giving me clear and total vision. My wipers must be fully operative ensuring I can navigate safely the challenges that may lie ahead. It is with these intents in my life I go forward, informed, with the necessary tools to make a safe journey.

This is my sentiment also in my approach to any information that is available to me. I make no apology for being one who has asked for information from our District Council. Some have tried to bombast me recently, in various media, for making such requests but I say ‘if more information was freely available, I for one would not have to ask’. There is not enough information in 10 or 15 minute council meetings for me to have a truly informed opinion. I have not had to make an Official Information Request to the Northland Regional Council, so what does that tell you.

For those who are willing to criticise and perhaps content to put up with blurred vision, I say to you, we may appear to be on different journeys.  I, along with many, clearly like the facts.


Warren Slater