Worthy rally - Northern Advocate - 23 June 2010 (Pat Slater)

Pollution costs - The Whangarei Report - 1 July 2010 (Pat Slater) not abridged



Did you miss the worthy public rally at the Town Basin that allowed the ‘Voice of the Harbour’ to be heard?  A great meeting!  It was held next to “Reva’s” and Jeff Griggs, the event organizer said ‘They have been most supportive’.  Another local business doing some good! 

Many shared feelings, information and ideas on our polluted harbour with some gentle folk stirred to anger.  Local talent put a musical or dramatic slant to their presentation.   Three NRC Councilors presented recent graphs (produced by NIWA) showing where the sewage spreads through our harbour.  We have a huge problem, Whangarei!

 Apparently, an expert has said not to swim anywhere between the vast area of Whangarei Heads and Town Basin in times of pollution.  Forget the seafood too!

There will be a huge cost to fix this problem but lets start with diverting some monies from other projects (how long have we said this for), if it is not fixed what is the true cost to our community?   I personally believe our costs will be for health issues, even more silt removal, loss of tourism and profit to local business, property devaluation, lack of pride in our town leading to other unsavory  behaviors, a poor reputation of Whangarei,   further submission processes and more consultants cost.    More studies need to be done but it appears we will need to pay for further projects to eliminate algae blooms, sea quirt and mangroves which are thought to feed on such pollutants.  Not all ill-effects have a direct dollar value but are good enough reasons to act now!

Pat Slater




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The Whangarei Report is un-abridged