Case against crims


Interesting to see my objective ĎWhangarei Firstí recently used.Perhaps, as the saying goes, great minds think alike, or do they?

Maybe to some extent, but where the difference is obvious, is in the opinion about newspapers running front page articles about crime and those papers being the cause of us having a bad image.Yes, one could say they should have these articles further back in paper, but I can recall conversations of perhaps ten years ago where a high percentage of people wanted criminals exposed, known to the public, to name and shame, so as to keep people aware of just who is causing the problems in their district.Also I have always been one to say not to shoot the messenger, you can not fix what you do not acknowledge and letís face the fact, the fact is these crimes are taking place.No, itís not the papers we need to blame but the criminals themselves and folks it is about time we stopped wishing for a better world, but started to create one.

I donít have all the answers but I know this, I see crime happening and as risky as it may seem at times, I do report it.We all need to do something about what takes place in our district.

With this comes the responsibility of those in authority, to ensure they are giving those willing to stand up, a lot of support.I may be wrong, but I think many have lost confidence in some of those in the public services.Is this the real truth or a perceived truth?This has to change so that itís the good guy that wins, not the criminal.

Any thoughts?


Warren Slater