Care for our own first


   To me communities are created by the people who live in them, their relationships, how they connect and unite in a way to enhance each other, with most needs being met (no perfect world).  Where’s this heading?

   The journey I’ve been on of late has made me think we have stood back and let our lives be controlled by a few, well meaning or not.  In my opinion this needs to change!  I’m not talking about basic laws providing necessary control, in order for society to function, but rather how we could all participate to give us all better lifestyles.   Surprisingly, creating a good community does not always require the big money spend!  Better use of what we already have is sometimes the simple answer. 

   I often hear ….We need tourists.  Although not against others visiting here, gaining the tourist dollar, I believe we should be concentrating on Whangarei’s people first. 

   An old saying is ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’, we don’t know how many tourists will visit, volcanoes can keep them away, but we know how many people live here and should focus on them.   Locals can keep their economy going by patronizing and promoting local business, utilizing local talents and skills in order to build a flourishing community.  Providing the tools to educate, train and retain our youth will help keep our district vibrant.  It’s achievable if we redevelop the necessary attitude.  Take note of your friends, family or acquaintance’s capabilities and then ponder what you could do to improve our lot, starting from your family needs outwards, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

   The locals spend regularly at our shops.  We need centres that cater to us, a district that enhances it’s natural beauty, healthy people that are employed, educated and happy.    Tourists will enjoy to visit our unique district then and any money they bring will be the icing on the cake that provides a treat, not the cake that nourishes us.

   Other areas have achieved fabulous results, are good examples and there are those in our  community who have the ability to make it happen here, perhaps you!  


Pat Slater