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The guest columns of Friday 30th April, Northern Advocate have triggered me to make a couple of comments. After attending eight meetings in Whangarei regarding the shaping of Northlands future, to which submissions need to be made, it is reassuring to hear the many and varied comments from staff, elected representatives and residents. There is much that I intend to write in regards to the latest road show, but a quick comment and thanks to those people who have been prepared to have an honest opinion in the public arena. We sincerely appreciate the comments, from those of, but not limited to, Craig Brown, Brian McLachlan, Craig Cooper, Ann Shaw, Wayne Deeming, Robin Lieffering and recently John Bain, along with many others. These reports have been most reassuring to our own thoughts of old and provide us even more encouragement to continue on the present tack, of keeping the people in our district informed in an open and honest nature, that we are occasionally criticised for, through our letters and website. We are not then the only so called whingers, whiners and wafflers that have a sincere interest in the community. Thank you.

Warren Slater


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