Cold, hard facts on global warming - cash no cure  - Northern Advocate - 1st March 2010


Global warming or cooling?

Waipu has always had great turnouts to meetings and Thursday night was no exception. Ian Wishart spoke to a full house on ‘The Seriously Inconvenient Truth about Global Warming’, substantiating his address well with some cold hard facts, one being that paying money won’t fix such an issue, if there is an issue to fix. In the past people have viewed those who look ‘outside the box’ as strange, weird, nuts, critics, or conspiracy theorists, but we failed to see any present at Ian’s discussion. But then again what do they look like?  Maybe people are becoming more aware that they are constantly being badgered to just keep on paying more for whatever reason our decision makers dream up and it will continue, till we say enough is enough. I believe we all must take whatever steps we feel that will make out future more sustainable. As Ian said we all must protect our environment in whatever way we see fit and polluting our waterways was one issue that is unacceptable. His presentation also touched on One World Governance, world population reduction, one world United Nations defence force, these all being issues that you can be informed about, if you care to do some research, particularly on the internet. One thing that I felt was missing were the ‘opposition’ in the audience to his viewpoints. Possibly if they were present they too may have been able to express their thoughts to the audience and substantiate them if they were able to which may have created some interesting debate, will we ever know? The more you listen the more you learn.

Warren Slater