Multi-events centre - Northern Advocate - 18th February 2010


Keeping informed

I was privileged to be one of a small group invited along for a tour of the new ‘Multi Events Centre’ by Mark Farnsworth Chairman of Northland Regional Council and his Chief Executive Officer, Ken Paterson on Monday 15th February. A progress update of the development was the agenda, as along with others, we had asked over time many questions in regard to this project. Many direct questions were directed to our tour leaders, some very sensitive, but on all accounts answered, we believe, honestly and to the point, clarifying some of the myths. It appears the NRC’s responsibility was to build this centre within a budget, a time frame, while maintaining a high quality standard and no added burden on the ratepayers. From comments made on the day and since, I believe Ken Paterson has performed his task of project overseer to a standard we can all be proud of. Forward thinking in many of the design concepts should produce revenue in the future and has been a main factor in the planning. In another few months their commitment will be over and then the Trust to control the centre, under the guidance of the Whangarei District Council, will be the administrators. I won’t dare to predict what could possibly happen then. It is then, we hope, that the trust ensures that a preventative maintenance program is instigated to prevent this asset falling into a bad state of repair, as the previous stadium had and at great cost to ratepayers. Let’s hope lessons have been learnt.


Warren Slater