Less is more   - Whangarei Leader - 16th February 2010

In reference to the letter of Harry Baker from Mangapai,  published on Tuesday 9th February. We heeded his advice and took a drive out to view the bridge at Wilsons Road, Parakao of which I have enclosed photos. He is correct, here is a bridge out in the country that has obviously served the area well. This may not be the bridge for the harbour, however there are many bridges of different styles out there locally and overseas and maybe some of the ideas from these may be suitable for Whangarei. Do we need to re-invent the wheel at a great cost to the ratepayers? Possibly not. Sure, we want something that enhances its location but need not go to extremes. We believe the ‘location’ should be the attraction and sometimes ‘Less is More


Warren Slater