Parrots in council - Northern Advocate - 10 February 2010



Who is insulted?


Not surprised by a personal remark made, an explanation re the bridge would’ve been enough.  Mr Simpson, CEO of WDC, stated “Warren Slater makes an extraordinary comment ....second bridge is controversial”.  Parroting others in council he also stated, “Mr Slater quite recently arrived in our district” and Mr Slater thinks of cost, not of the value the bridge will be to the district’s image”.


Yes, Mr Slater thinks of cost as many works to be done deserve subsidies from government  and should be lobbied for.  Because an idea’s been around 15 years doesn’t mean it’s the people of today’s priority.  Many believe a bridge isn’t iconic or upholds our image and may be more controversial than council realises! 


Regarding the personal comment, we are New Zealander’s who have been Northlanders for 5 years, holidaying here for 39 years previously, coming here where you can be yourself, be different and for the natural environment and people.    We feel progress needs to enhance this naturalness. 


With Simpson’s belief that we do not belong and obviously shouldn’t take an interest in our district perhaps his council would be happy for us to pay our rates to another district.


Comments from Mr Simpson about the time ratepayers (who pay his huge salary) have been here is unprofessional.  If only he realized how many ratepayers he was offending.  Council encourages people to visit and live here,  as a friend pointed out, council has programmes in place for new immigrants, how would such comments make them all feel?  Insulted I would think!


Pat Slater