Communication gap -  Northern Advocate – 2 February 2010 (Pat Slater)



Who’s telling it as it is?


As ratepayer and regular letter writer I was amazed to read Cr Sutherland, in his letter regarding Cr McLachlan’s lack of understanding of wastewater issues, referred to Council’s spend and ability to treat storm overflows as ‘something a number of regular letter writers have failed to grasp, possibly for self-serving reasons’.

If they’ve got it wrong, perhaps council needs to review it’s communication with the public and indeed some councilors. With different writers getting it wrong they must be uninformed or misinformed or someone would have ‘grasped’ it by now!

These people (writers) connect with and listen to their community, inform others of the common views held and are interested in their district.  How self serving is that? 

He (Cr Sutherland) shares this style of thinking.  Comments from a few in council include ‘they have political ambition’.  From a politician, pot calling kettle black isn’t it?   There’s sarcasm re use of ‘letters to the editor’.  When Election Time Fever (Cr Sutherland’s letter) is caught off another, it’s a worthy media though.

Labeled as negative (I call myself a straight shooter who tells it the way I see it) I suppose I should be thankful those from within council who dare to have an opinion have personal attacks bestowed on them too, but I am not!

I hear you say, she has administered personal attacks herself.  You’re probably right.   Honestly, I’ll  be that way until the people are truly allowed a voice and the level of respect they deserve.  For that I’m not ashamed.


Pat Slater