Answers on bridge spend -  Northern Advocate – 2 February 2010


Whangarei  Watergate needs some answers.

With the latest design concepts of the ‘New Bridge’ by Whangarei District Council now in the public arena, after time on some ones drawing board, it would be interesting to hear feedback from the community on the examples shown.

This controversial project involving both taxpayers and ratepayers money is under progress so maybe it’s time for some answers as to the big spend.

a/ How long ago did the design process, as now seen, start?

b/ To date, what has the cost of design been for the preliminary options?

c/ Will there be any chance for public acceptance of a design for their district?

d/ In regards to the 3 design concepts publicly presented on Saturday 20 January, what cost is for the basic bridge and what cost relates to the aesthetics of the designs?

We believed, along with many others, cost was a major factor in this project. If the costs of aesthetics are a large proportion, then maybe the lock/weir, which is still an option, may have been more cost effective with its own natural attractiveness. Maybe the costs of aesthetics to the bridge may be better spent on improving the quality of the water flowing beneath it.


Warren Slater