Control of the worst kind


Watching Inside NZ’s ‘How to spot a cult’, provoked research and thought!  

Cults, manipulating leaders desperate for belief in them, demand obedience, time or money, they crush belief systems.  Members can be intelligent, skilled, have varied backgrounds, feel trapped there or won over when vulnerable. 


Initially, cults are instant friends, a loving group could not be wrong?  Disagree though and "friends" are lost.  Obscure threats influence your actions; you don't want to stand alone, like unhealthy relationships love’s conditional, controlling.

Non-religious, cultish, control occurs within businesses, organizations, any group.   It’s dictatorship.  People sense it’s wrong but ‘sell their soul’ because of fear or blackmail.  Threats of lose or punishment to you or someone else gains control. Bully tactics!  Gentle souls are given a sense of belonging.


Political cults like Hitler's or Stalin's used control on mass.  Democracy allows speech, has laws, not total control and considers viewpoints.  Cult’s well-rehearsed public relations, hides their truth, reports of supporting the needy, research, and environment but their (non)-action speaks louder than words.


Members, busy with deadlines have little time to question.  Promises are broken, things are done without true consultation, the ‘select group’ has the answers.   Questioning the ‘select group’ is rebellious and stupid.  Guilt and put down is used to control.  Outside contact with those of opposing views is minimal.  


Control the information, control the person.  


Not considering all information results in unbalanced decisions and discrediting information that’s not supporting one’s agenda, is control.    


Within cults you daren’t speak freely; “The walls have ears". Checks in place!  Everyone’s encouraged to report ‘struggling members’.  True thoughts are hidden (closed down).   Members feel inadequate, believe others don’t, but actually others also feel inadequate and so they deceive non-members and those alongside them.  Alone and brainwashed!


Conclusion, people are not perfect, society has rules, but if constantly experiencing such tactics, you need to wakeup and seek help!


Pat Slater

Maunu,  Whangarei