Salute to NRC councillors - Northern Advocate - 5 January 2010 - Warren & Pat Slater



Being cautious in nature, with the ‘nothing will surprise me’ attitude, both Pat (sometimes referred to as Pam) & I were a little taken by surprise on Wednesday 9th December 2009. Northland Regional Council chairman, Mr Mark Farnsworth, made a presentation to us the “Slater’s” for being the most 'attentive' whilst attending NRC meetings during the past year. Working within the environment of a glasshouse, with many watching and some even carrying bags of stones, it indeed takes those with integrity to take comments made as being constructive at any time.


It is because of the NRC’s good interaction with people that we, as council watchers, end up taking away a positive impression and portray those feelings widely.  In one word, “approachable”.

For this Mark, we sincerely thank you, your councillors and staff, for being most polite and hospitable during our many visits to your meetings. 

We salute you and your team for being proud, professional and respectful whilst going about your business endeavouring to satisfy the needs of a much-varied community. 

A happy new year to all those we endeavour to keep informed.


Warren & Pat Slater