Everyday like Christmas Day

                           -Northern Advocate - 14 December 2009 - Patricia Slater


Countdown  to  Christmas


Yesterday, upon greeting an acquaintance, I said ‘What a beautiful morning’!  The response was, ‘Every morning is beautiful’.  That reminded me of how lucky I was to see yet another day and that perhaps I should have said, ‘Another beautiful morning!’ 

That brought me to think of how Warren and I have looked at life for many years, especially at Christmas and perhaps surprisingly to those who do not know us well.  Christmas is certainly a lovely time spent with loved ones, to stop and relax and perhaps go somewhere you have never been before or to revisit the normal holiday spot.  Having said that, we believe in treating everyday like Christmas Day, being good to each other and making sure you do one thing special each day no matter how small it is. 

Sometimes to be happy you need to stand up for what you believe in and with that you may have to stand alone, still it’s better to be lonely than have some as friends.  Some treat their partner or work mates terrible all year and then celebrate with them at Christmas.   As nice as that is, it doesn’t last and a happy whole year is indeed nicer to look forward to.

So, spend what you can afford (locally of course), if you must drink to be merry, know your limits and do not drive.  Remember, Christmas calories never count, be kind to those you care about including yourself and look forward to the best year ever, 2010.


Happy silly season

Pat Slater