Craig Cooper

Editor - Northern Advocate




I am not sure what influence you have over other publications, but after reading the latest edition of the Whangarei Report I felt I needed to make a comment.

Shame, shame, shame on the Whangarei Report. ††With a circulation of some 32,000 and readership of 55,000 and it hits the road with so many errors. Letís hope the paying advertisers donít feel disheartened by the release of it out to the readers with so many mistakes in its content. Try to get Kris von Keisenberg and his team back, as I am sure a publication would not have got past his ever watchful eyes with the amount of errors this one had. Kris, in my opinion, wrote exceptionally well balanced articles with a very open mind. Local knowledge, indeed, has its merits.


Errors we noticed in the November 12 publication.


Eg.†† Page 4News-no picture (but jpg no) & blank column

††††††† Page 7Head 1 - no heading

††††††† Page 8Opinion - great story but where is the end

††††††† Page 10Entertainment - strange fonts ?

††††††† Page 14Community - small fonts and items merging at beginning


Iím not a proof reader, there may be more, but please donít take this as Ďantií as we are far from that with the newspapers here but sometimes changes are not for the better.

You may or may not have input to the Whangarei Report, but may be able to at least pass this on to the appropriate people, that is of course, if they are still there after this latest release.



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