Selective vaccination              - Northern Advocate 30 July 2009



Who is important?


It has been received on good information that some of the Whangarei District Councillors have received the Tamiflu vaccine. Only some, correct our informant claims - only Councillors with ‘committee chair positions’ were the ones to receive the vaccine.   One would think there would only be a ‘pecking order’ for the bird flu.

What makes the Chairs more important than the lower ranked elected councillors?  Or is it only them making the statements or decisions for our town? 

Maybe if it is only them, are senior staff of WDC not prone to contracting the swine flu?  One must wonder how the district would survive without councillors and perhaps the vaccine would have been better given to children, the elderly and those with medical conditions.

As this information is not totally confirmed but not to be sneezed at, we will listen eagerly in the next meetings for the odd grunt in the chamber to confirm who is and who is not protected from the dreaded lurgy and who has paid for the vaccines.


Warren Slater