Top Marks††††††††††††††††††††††††††††-Northern Advocate Ė 25 July 2009


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After making a submission to the Northland Regional Council's Draft Northland Community Plan in May and attending the subsequent hearings, it was most reassuring to receive a three and a half page personalised response to the number of issues, in fact 14 in total, we had made opinions on. I say personalised, as it was not the normally common copied literature that is sent out by some organisations, but a detailed response to all of the issues. While our opinions had not been adopted on all the subjects, there were indeed clear and concise reasons for the decisions that had been made by the Northland Regional Council. We respect the culture of your organisation, by treating the citizens of the district with respect, in entering into informative dialogue on matters as serious as public input with the consultation process. The received letter is viewable on my website

Keep up the good work; letís hope others see it as a way to make up much lost ground.


Warren Slater