Museum’s situation disputed  (Pat Slater)  -  Northern Advocate – 2 July 2009


Plans for our future not considering our past!


An article entitled ‘Museum major losers under council’s plan’  referred to the Whangarei District Council Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) having been confirmed,  200 submissions requesting funding be restored, other community groups gaining increases and how one councillor said there was little support for an increase (to the museum) during discussion of the submissions . 

To witness the community needs my husband and I attended the submissions and heard the Whangarei Museum and Heritage Trust’s submission.  Reaction to this submission, especially by a couple of WDC council members, put into question the state of the relationship between these parties.  Not knowing all the background, but snippets at council meetings we attend and newspaper articles questions if the relationship may have broken down!

Apparently, if restored, funding would cost the ratepayers $120,000 per year.  Considering the millions council is telling us we are going to spend on new projects, this is a very small amount for our heritage.  If we lose the treasures of our past we will never get them back again.  At council meetings we are asked to bow our heads for prayer, may I suggest some in council should hang their heads in shame. 

I am appalled that those making decisions on our behalf, who should be extremely community focused, have ignored the museum in this way.   As one submitter quoted ‘How do we know where we are going if we do not know where we have come from’?  An explanation re lack of funding, to such submitters and the rest of the community, would not go amiss.  Surely, there must be a very good reason?


Pat Slater