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Multi Events?Confirmed - not now!


The proposed, or is it finalised sale, of the Whangarei District Council 5.8 hectares of land used by the Old Boys Rugby Football Club is the last glimmer of hope of Okara Stadium ever being ĎMulti Eventsí. This area should have been used for other sports codes to be adjacent to a multi user facility, but obviously this was never to be an option. Shame on you council, selling off more community assets to finance new projects of grandeur, wanted by a few and also to service debt. This land is the silver in the gold plated rugby stadium and should be used to provide facilities for the codes that are now being neglected. Come to think of it, I had not seen this property advertised for sale on the open market, or is this another deal done behind closed doors to a benefit just a few. How many other developers were offered this site for a project? Come on people, if you care about this town, letís do something about it, donít sit back and let decisions like this proceed without proper community consultation?We have not even been consulted about its sale. A media release is not consultation; donít let them kid us that it is.


Warren Slater