Action  and  Reaction       -  Whangarei Leader – 12 May 2009

                                                   -  Northern Advocate – 12 May 2009

                                            - The Whangarei Report - 21 May 2009


We all know that for every action there is a reaction and the recent comments aired in the various media in regards to Cr.Syers outburst before the council meeting of 22nd April 2009 are no different. I am one that Mr Syers referred to. Yes that is correct, I do not stand for Mr Semenoff when he shuffles into the chamber adorned in the mayoral gown with chains swinging.  Let’s just cast our minds back to the Community Enterprises meeting of 9th July 2008 when Stan was rude to Cr. Mai, for 5 minutes, turning his back on her and also talking. He refused to apologise, (as reported in Nth Adv 17th July 2008) to the elected councillor after my various letters to the media highlighting his bad manners.  After the council meeting of 23rd July 2008 and all those since, both my wife Pat and I do not stand for the man that showed such arrogance. Mr Syers has had many opportunities to ask us, before and after all the meetings we attend, or even call me, in regards to why we don’t stand and I would have been most happy to explain what I have told here. We have noticed, since July 2008 at meetings and in the media, Stan has made derogatory comments to many, probably to the ones that don’t agree with him.  So now you know, we are proud to remain seated and ignore a person who has such bad manners. I ask a question;  Mr Syers was not interrupted by the chairman, Mr Semenoff at the meeting  of 22nd April. The question is;  how many words would have Cr Mai or some others been allowed before they were brought to order?  I did raise my hand after the outburst hoping for a “right of reply” but felt I had more of a chance of success, by buying a Lotto ticket. In future if you wish to know something about me, please just ask.

Warren Slater