They didnít say boo -Importance of LTCCP

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Importance of LTCCP

How important is the Whangarei District Council Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP). The extra-ordinary meeting to approve and adopt the draft LTCCP on Wednesday 1st April could not have been timed more appropriately!Were we the only fools there?The 14 elected representatives spent only some forty minutes, of which the auditor spoke for some eight minutes, discussing a 337 page document to pave the way forward for the future of Whangarei for the next ten years. Five councillors made substantial comments, one made a brief comment and was supported by messages of support from two others, one answered a couple of the questions and four sat quietly and didnít say boo!I feel that a document of such portrayed importance should kindle the enthusiasm of our elected representatives to make at least some comment, whether positive or negative, or had it been discussed fully out of the public arena behind closed doors. I ask, had some not read the document, did they not understand it, were they too busy with their businesses, or were they under instructions to keep their mouths shut? I can name the four hush puppies if you wish to contact me but I feel the people of Whangarei deserve better than what is being portrayed at the public meetings. Sorry but I couldnít keep my mouth shut. I plan to cover more in my soon to be released website on the submissions and how they are angled.

Warren Slater