Gone fishing - Who’s Fishing?  – Northern Advocate – 7 April 2009


Who’s Fishing?

It is becoming more obvious that against the belief of some people there are those that read the ‘Letters to the Editor’ and take great interest.

Because of previous letters referring to ‘going fishing’ a call was received from a reader to enlighten me with some information.  We often hear scare tactic reference made in Council public meetings to ‘someone will go fishing’.

Our interpretation to this comment has been if the project  that is being referred to turns to the proverbial brown stuff then the staff involved will have plenty of time to go fishing, as they may not be employed in the future.

Well interesting as it is we obtained information that ‘The Boardroom” (a large launch owned by a prominent businessman) entertained both Mayor Stan and his fishing companion CEO Mark.

They were both indulging in a little practise in the fine art of fishing on the weekend of Saturday 21st  March.  Wonder why?

Warren Slater