Have your say - Sustainable Futures 30/50  

                                              -  Northern Advocate – 26 February 2009

                                              -  Whangarei Leader – 26 February 2009




Sustainable Futures 30/50


Over the past couple of weeks my wife and I have attended three of the Sustainable Futures 30/50 meetings run by the Whangarei District Council.


Why 3 you may ask, well we wanted to hear some of the comments made by interested parties from different areas that attended these meetings in regards to ‘A Long Term Sub-Regional Growth Strategy for the Whangarei District Council’. It would sure have been great to see larger numbers attending but the quality of some of the conversation was stimulating.


On the evenings we attended we experienced the services of Dr Kerry Grundy, David Coleman, Annejo Liang and Paul Dell who gave good detail of the districts future by facts available to them.


It was also satisfying to see the other side that staff do want to listen to comments made by “Joe Public” in preparing for the future development of our district. Congratulations to them.


They do of course need all of us to take the opportunity to attend any of these meetings in the future and make suggestions on the feedback forms they can provide or on their website www.wdc.govt.nz


It is your opportunity to have some input into the future of Whangarei, take advantage of it.


Warren Slater