Stadium decision of grandeur - Fishing any one?  

                                                      -  Whangarei Leader  3 February 2009

                                                      -  Northern Advocate – 31 January 2009



Fishing any one?


Witnessing the process allowing the controversial “Multi” Events Stadium move a step closer today to a start date was shadowed by Councillor Warwick Syers painting a picture of “tough times and a recession and also unemployment.”


Probably a shame that these words of wisdom were not portrayed at the commencement of the meeting before decisions of grandeur were made. Mayor Semenoff made comment at the Whangarei District Council meeting and also repeated his punch line at the Northland Regional Councils meeting, which was also discussing the “Multi” Events Stadium, that of “If the contract exceeds the total of $16 million, some one or a couple may be going fishing.”


That’s a bold call Stan, do them a favour, you have approximately 18 months to ‘clean up the harbour’, before you may also, be taking them fishing. You don’t know what you might catch from our harbour.


All that said, although I would prefer monies spent on urgently required basic infrastructure, it is happening, so let us hope it produces more employment and better prospects for our town. I would suggest that the operators of the stadium pay dividends back to the councils from the millions they hope to make. I look forward to the free pass in with my rates account.


Warren Slater