Sewage before art - In need of more listeners

                                                    – The Whangarei Report – 15 January 2009 PS




In need of more listeners



In The Whangarei Report, January 8, 2009 M Johnston refers to an article in the Listener regarding ‘popularity of the Hundertwasser Museum in Vienna’ and the number of people it attracts. 


He or she, was lucky enough to visit there last August, criticises  the Whangarei Report’s scathing article as being ‘small town thinking’ and that the people of Whangarei have a wonderful opportunity to have such a museum at the Town Basin.


I would have to agree if it were not for one or more things. 


My major issue is, and there certainly appears to be more people in this town in support of, getting our sewage problems fixed before building a another museum (yes we already have one).  Looking around and listening to other people’s opinions, our council does really well in most areas however there are other, council owned, services that could certainly have some money spent on them for very necessary upgrades. 


I wonder if Vienna is a place that has more visitors to it?  Is there a sewage problem like ours and people demanding something else for the place they live in?  M Johnson, I admire your motives for your letter and your willingness to voice your opinion as you obviously care about Whangarei.  And sure there are places we can all admire while on holiday and hope to be like but there are also those we hope we never get like.  In reality we have to work with what we have got and right now we have some problems, involving core services, that can impact on people’s health.  Myself, and I know many others want these fixed first.


On writing this letter I realise that our holiday must be over, Hoorah!


Pat Slater