Trying to push it uphill - Answers please

                                                           - Northern Advocate - 13 January 2009



Answers please.


It is certainly reassuring to see that people are coming forward with suggestions to help remedy the cities aging sewage problems. The ‘High lake’ story of January 3rd makes a suggestion of a large holding tank on the hill next to the Kioreroa Road, Whangarei District Council waste water treatment plant. I understand that a large part of the problem is getting the raw sewage to that area for treatment, through the C.B.D. from the outer areas hence they want relief discharge points to ease the load. I ask if they can’t pump it from the city adequately now on the flat, how are they going to get it up a hill? I am not knocking the idea, as all suggestions need to be looked at, but just making a comment. The land in question is an area of land that is surrounded by some of Whangarei District Councils core activities. We have the Whangarei District Council waste water treatment plant, W.D.C. Re-Sort and transfer station rubbish centre and the W.D.C. Animal Control Dog Pound. All of these facilities need expanding both now and in the future so that land that contains the hill is vital to our cities future growth in these areas. Does the council still own that piece of land which would be an integral part of our future development?  We had heard it was sold only a few months ago. Is that information correct and if it was sold, why was it sold? who purchased it? and was it publicly advertised for sale? ensuring  that the ratepayers got top market price. Ratepayer’s assets should always be advertised on the open market to prevent any accusations or slurs of underhand deals or hidden agendas taking place. I look forward to the answers of the questions.

Remember we all wanted better transparency.


Warren Slater